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If you’re a blogger, you’ve probably run into MarsEdit at some point or another. Maybe it stuck, maybe it didn’t, but in my experience people who’ve blogged for some reason or another, and who own a Mac, have played with MarsEdit. Whether it appealed to you […] Read more »

It’s a rumor that got a lot of play over the weekend, and for good reason. Two separate, unaffiliated web sites are reporting that Tuesday, March 24 will be the date of an upcoming official Apple event, at which announcements would include new hardware updates. The […] Read more »

Looking for an alternative CRM and email solution? It can get kind of tricky trying to keep track of all that information using Outlook or Gmail, in combination with other third party customer relationship management software. Try as you might, you’ll probably lose track of some […] Read more »

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Mind maps are useful for visualizing ideas and problem solving. Professionally, I have occasionally had to produce mind maps for clients and stakeholders while working as a desktop publisher and later as a production specialist at a consulting firm. I wouldn’t say that I find the task fun, […] Read more »

In this post, I’m going to get back to basics. The key to successful web work, and getting paid to do it, is knowing exactly what it is you want to do, and how you’re going to go about doing it. In other words, you have to plan, you have to budget, and you have to set goals for yourself. Read more »

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This must be “Update iTunes Content” week at Cupertino or something, because Apple keeps making changes to the music player. First it introduced iTunes Pass, which provides superfans with heaps of exclusive content released on a staggered schedule over a brief subscription period, and now it’s […] Read more »

Working online, you probably need to share documents  with clients, partners and coworkers. You also probably wouldn’t mind having a resource at hand whereby you could search, preview, and download a wide selection of documents to use as templates, research material, or benchmarks to help further […] Read more »

Someone I follow on Twitter recently wondered if twittering might be useful at work, as a means of communication between coworkers within a company. It struck me at the time as a very, very bad idea. Many companies are hesitant to use enterprise messaging applications because […] Read more »

It’s easy to get lost in the mix when you’re a creative professional working online. Competition is fierce, and the space will only become more crowded as people are laid off and forced to seek out new sources of work. That’s probably part of the reason […] Read more »

Not too long ago, I posted about BookGlutton, a service which allowed for online collaborative reading. You could also upload your own work, but that wasn’t the main focus of the site. Smashwords, on the other hand, is a web site devoted to self-publishing. It doesn’t […] Read more »

iPhone Push to Be Delivered Alongside Snow Leopard? – Warning: this post is long, very involved, and pretty detailed. That said, it is very informative, and it presents a well-reasoned argument for why background push notification for third-party apps might be integrally tied to Apple’s upcoming […] Read more »

Apple’s current chipset bedfellow, NVIDIA, has just announced that the first iteration of its upcoming Ion platform will come in desktop form, and should be expected this upcoming Spring. The new architecture integrates Intel Atom processors with the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M integrated graphics card, making it […] Read more »

This might just be incredibly coincidental timing, but Apple is announcing that they’ve finally brought the Windows side of their MobileMe personal data syncing service up to snuff, only shortly after it’s come to light that Microsoft in working on their own similar service, currently dubbed […] Read more »

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