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A lot of people are getting into coworking in a big way, the team at WebWorkerDaily included. It’s a very nice idea, and a welcome escape from the solitude of working from home, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone wants to go out and join what effectively amounts to an office environment, having just escaped from one.

If you want to try out the coworking experience, but would rather get just get your feet wet than completely take the plunge, two might be the magic number. Find another person to work with and you might eliminate some of the isolation of the web worker lifestyle, but it won’t resemble the office job you might have felt trapped by. But who you work with, and how you work together, make all the difference when it comes to a coworking partnership. Read more »

Taiwanese tech news site DigiTimes is reporting today that sources have informed them that California-based company OmniVision has won the contract to produce 3.2 megapixel sensors for use in Apple’s upcoming iPhone hardware refresh, expected this June. DigiTimes has been correct in the past, though they […] Read more »

If you read this blog, and if you work primarily online, then chances are you’ve used your fair share of web applications. My own legion of web apps cycle in and out of active use depending on my mood, what type of project I’m working on, […] Read more »

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Often a project team needs to be up and running without much lead time, and you don’t have the time or the inclination to come up with a customized, tailored solution for collaboration and file sharing. There might be a lot of collaboration portal web applications […] Read more »

I’m not a big fan of moving, but I tend to do it a lot. Once a year is a rare treat, and generally it’s much more frequent than that.

Since I’m preparing for a move once again, and I’ve actually become much more aware of what it is I do and do not like about the places I’ve called my home office in the past, I thought I’d share a few tips for what to look for if you’re searching for a better space to work. Read more »

A while back I reviewed TextFlow, an Adobe AIR application that allows you to establish a collaborative document editing workflow quickly and easily, without messing about with servers or larger enterprise solutions. Recently, the folks behind TextFlow introduced a version with editing in the browser, so […] Read more »

With the GDC ’09 well under way, there are heaps of announcements being made about video games by pretty much everyone in the biz. Now that the iPhone and iPod touch have become genuine contenders in the mobile gaming world, they’re getting some high-profile game revelations […] Read more »

A while back we reported about issues 17-inch MacBook Pro owners were having with vertical lines and other distortion appearing on their displays. Almost three weeks later, Apple has released a fix for the issue. Officially dubbed “MacBook Pro Graphics Firmware Update 1.0,” it’s downloadable immediately […] Read more »

You may be a great designer, illustrator, or just a generally creative person, but that doesn’t automatically translate to profitable enterprise, as we’re all probably painfully aware. However, there are a variety of services that provide an avenue to sell your services and make it easier […] Read more »

There’s no shortage of options for those looking to manage projects using web-based applications these days. Manymoon is another recent entry in this expanding category, and they are a serious contender that doesn’t lack for professionalism and features. Question is, is there something you can get […] Read more »

If you’ve taken to full-time web working as your sole source of income, one of the challenges you may have already encountered is that there is no clear or pre-determined career path to follow. In other words, it can be hard to see the next rung on the ladder, or if one even exists. There are no roadmaps, and it’s completely up to you how to progress professionally. It is possible (and maybe inevitable) to take steps that appear helpful at first, but that won’t lead to anything in the long run. Here’s how I plan my career path. Read more »

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