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Today marks the highly-anticipated release of Tweetie for the Mac by atebits, developer of the iPhone version of the same app. Tweetie has enjoyed tremendous success on the iPhone, and for my money is far and away the best mobile client for my web workflow. Which is why I was first in line to download the new Mac client it this A.M. and see if it might be an improvement over Nambu, my current desktop Twitter solution. Olly Farshi over at our sister site TheAppleBlog has a full review, but I wanted to look at it specifically with web work in mind. Read more »

Twitter continues its march of social networking dominance, spurred even further into the spotlight thanks to a recent high profile race to a million followers between Ashton Kutcher and CNN, and Oprah Winfrey’s decision to sign up this past Friday. Along with its massive increase in […] Read more »

The key to successful document collaboration, as far as I’ve been able to gather in my many attempts, is making sure that the process is as simple as is absolutely possible. People only seem able or willing to work together on text projects if it takes […] Read more »

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It quickly became one of the most popular Twitter clients for the iPhone, owing to its impressive feature set and fast, efficient performance, and now it’s coming natively to the Mac, too. I’m talking about Tweetie, by atebits. Tweetie impressed with the ability to follow and […] Read more »

I’m skittish when it comes to desktop indexing and search apps. Aside from the workstation computer at my last office-based job, I don’t generally keep any running on my computers, whether Windows or Mac-based machines. I just don’t find the need for anything more heavyweight and […] Read more »

Web workers are often hired on on a contract basis. The benefit, and the failing, of contract work is that it is not permanent, and almost always ends. Sometimes you may have ample warning of a contract’s end date if you’ve established a set term beforehand, but sometimes the end comes unexpectedly, and you should always be prepared for that unfortunate possibility. Here’s a guide to the steps you should take when a contract closes. Read more »

Nambu is a free social messaging client for Mac OS X. It’s still in beta, but it has swiftly become my client of choice for professional tweeting, thanks to its easy switching between Twitter accounts and a great interface. At the end of last month, fellow […] Read more »

Twitter is a great tool, but the fact is, it could be a much better one. Leaving aside the server issues that continue to plague it, there are many features that could benefit from redesign or the introduction of additional functionality. Now there’s a third-party app […] Read more »

Do-it-all media software Boxee just got a new update that should have Apple users jumping for joy. It incorporates elements from recent test releases and is now relatively bug-free compared to early antecedents. Those elements include Hulu and Pandora integration, as well as other App Box […] Read more »

We warned you that this day was coming (OK we were actually off by one day, but that only means you had more time to buy that coveted All-American Rejects track), and now it’s here: Apple has finally made good on their promise to introduce variable […] Read more »

Apple today released an update for iTunes, bringing the version number to 8.1.1. The new version (currently available from Software Update) supposedly fixes syncing issues with the iPhone and iPod touch (which I’ve been lucky enough not to encounter) and with VoiceOver, the we-don’t-need-no-stinkin’-display substitute for […] Read more »

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