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Maybe it’s a shot across the bow of AT&T, sort of like all the buzz about Verizon-specific Apple devices, but if so, it’s not a very subtle one, and it contradicts all Apple policy on the matter to date. I’m talking about a brief appearance (caught […] Read more »

Well, it happened. I moved, from one home/office to another, and it went pretty much as expected. Which is to say, it was a harrowing experience whose effects are still being felt, and will continue to be felt for at least another week or two, if not longer. I followed my own advice from my previous post, and I’m happy with the place I chose, but I learned a few more lessons about how complicated the moving process can be when your work is on the web. Read more »

No one can deny they’ve been chummy. Google and Apple skip about Silicon Valley, hand-in-hand, developing new tech together that is perfectly suited for the Apple hardware it makes its way onto, despite having competing smartphone OS platforms. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has decided to […] Read more »

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In what could only be seen as a coincidence, I recently stumbled upon a brand-new web app for creating surveys and questionnaires. It’s coincidental because I’d just finished writing an article about how to create a feedback form for freelance workers to use to evaluate the […] Read more »

Recently, I was commiserating with a friend looking for a new job about the unpleasantness of that task. I remembered the hours of fruitless toiling, sending countless resumes off into the void, along with unique, individually tailored cover letters for hundreds of positions. Days that first […] Read more »

It may only be circumstantial evidence, but a lot of comments I saw on Twitter led me to believe that many developers didn’t have the spare cash to attend Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference this year. That was an incorrect impression. The truth was actually quite […] Read more »

Facebook only just announced that it would be making its stream API public, and now it’s following up with the launch of a new Adobe AIR desktop app that takes advantage of those capabilities. Yes, it’s an AIR app, which makes it slightly icky right away, […] Read more »

A little while ago I posted an article about what to do when a contract closes. One piece of advice I gave was to gather feedback, using a form if appropriate. The key to whether or not people will actually use that form depends on your working relationship, on how and when you ask, and, perhaps most importantly, on how well your form is designed. That means making a form that’s not only user friendly, but also meaningful and well-written. Read more »

Truth is, because there are no IT departments for freelance web workers, there are as many unique gadget combinations as there are people doing the work. I love hearing all about someone’s kit, and hopefully sharing some of my own useful suggestions at the same time. Read more »

I was recently shocked to discover that a friend of mine who is quite a few years (and jobs) into a successful career in engineering sales not only doesn’t use any kind of customer relationship management (CRM) system or application, but actually had never heard the […] Read more »

At this point, regular WWD readers might now about my distaste for all things Adobe Air, but I try to look past my personal platform preferences and focus on the function of productivity apps, instead of the form they choose to take. Over a year ago, […] Read more »

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