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We’ve covered a lot of scheduling software here on WWD. For example, I wrote about When Is Good, a lightweight solution that offered very basic, easy-to-access scheduling for busy folks, and there are many other services available, too, as apparent from the “Calendars and Schedules” section […] Read more »

I have a singletasking tip for you, and it’s an important one: Work like you’re on vacation. Before you type up the smart-aleck response, “You mean don’t work at all?” let me explain. I mean work like you’re taking a working vacation. If you’re a full-time […] Read more »

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iPhone OS 3.0 brings a lot of new features to the table, but I could’ve easily gone on living without all of them, copy and paste included, except for push notifications. Push is the killer feature that elevates the iPhone platform to a whole new level of usability, both as a standalone device, and as a piece of companion hardware to your existing workstation setup.

The iPhone has taken the place of an entire screen in my current home office configuration, freeing up a whole display for more productive use. Here’s a breakdown of the apps that make this possible, and how I use them. Read more »

Generally speaking, a worthwhile project isn’t easy. That said, the process can be made a little easier by using good project management software. certainly sounds like a good bet for some PM software that makes things easier, but can it live up to its own […] Read more »

You may already be running Firefox 3.5, if you grabbed it early from Mozilla’s FTP servers, where it’s been available for a little while now, but if not, head over to to update. I’ve been using the Beta and the Release Candidate versions for some […] Read more »

We like stuff, it’s fair to say, and I only just said so earlier today, in fact. But like having multiple applications running at the same time, having lots of gadgets close at hand will unavoidably split your focus — which is a bad thing if […] Read more »

I’m not gonna lie, a big reason that I like my current freelance tech blogging gig is the gear. But even if I wasn’t in this particular line of work, I’d still take an unnatural amount of interest in outfitting my office or workspace, regardless of […] Read more »

Time again for a weekly round-up of what we here at WWD have been reading: Someday Syndrome: 7 Ways to Rediscover Your Dreams zenhabits: 8 Liberating Strategies for Clearing the Queues in Your Life TheAppleBlog: App Review: Learn To Sell It Like Steve Jobs PCWorld: Ready […] Read more »

Recently, I posted about singletasking, a new trend that many are turning to after having burned out on multitasking. One key component of singletasking is setting aside blocks of time during which you check and deal with email, instead of having it interrupt your work flow […] Read more »

It remains to be seen whether he’s just testing the waters, or if he’s actually returned full-time to heading Apple, but Steve Jobs sightings at the company’s Cupertino campus in California have been confirmed. This comes after news from The Wall Street Journal earlier in the […] Read more »

We freelance web workers multitask like it was going out of style. Question is, is it actually going out of style? Some people think so, and they look to singletasking as the next trend in how we work.

Singletasking is just what it sounds like: Approaching and tackling one task at a time sequentially instead of trying to do a whole bunch of things at once, as has become de rigeur in our modern multitasking age. If you’re like me, the thought is probably at least a little refreshing, and maybe more than a little appealing right off the bat. Read more »

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