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It appears that rumors of the death of the e-book on the iPhone platform were greatly exaggerated, at least that’s what Apple has said in a recent statement. Backing up Apple’s official denial of plans to discontinue that side of app store business is a Wall […] Read more »

Maybe it’s just because I was an English major, but the names people give to their web apps never cease to rouse my sense of curiosity. Hence my attraction to Ronin, which had me more eager to try out a new invoicing app than I ever […] Read more »

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Paid tweeting is nothing new. We’ve all seen spam users and posts in our Twitter feed and our following list, but usually the attempts are painfully obvious and easily dismissed. A new venture, Sponsored Tweets, by IZEA founder Ted Murphy (the guy with the tongue, in […] Read more »

I never got into Microsoft Access. Maybe this is not the best thing to admit in an online publication like this one, where my admission will be indexed and archived, conceivably, for the rest of recorded history. So, as a note to future employers: By the […] Read more »

I was just installing the Garage Band update on my Mac mini, when lo and behold, upon checking again at completion for updates, the 10.5.8 cumulative update appeared. I’ve yet to update my mini to 10.5.7, because of reported issues with outputting to 720p resolution, which […] Read more »

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It was announced alongside iPhone OS 3.0, and its absence has been a conspicuous, if minor, cause for analyst concern. Today, though, Apple finally released its official MobileMe iDisk app for download via the App Store. As was announced previously, the app allows iPhone and iPod […] Read more »

For the past four days, as far as my social network, email and IM contacts were concerned, I disappeared completely. No, I didn’t unplug all my devices or sit in the dark with my power cut off, or even have to exert any willpower. I simply took a trip, up beyond the range of my cell phone carrier’s data network, to northern Ontario’s cottage country. The cottage my family visits there is not only beyond cell phone range, it also has no cable, no satellite and no local dial-up service available. What better setting for getting some web work done than at a remote location surrounded by nature and devoid of any Internet access? Read more »

I don’t know about you, but one of the hardest things for me about navigating these tough economic times is keeping my gadget spending in check. I have a problem, or more accurately, many problems, and they are all shiny, new and electronic. It’d be nice […] Read more »

I’ve seen my fair share of online project management apps during my time here at WebWorkerDaily. Generally speaking, they all claim to reduce the stress produced by the project management process, but Zen is a good candidate for the most bravely named among these apps. It […] Read more »

Yesterday may have been when Apple hosted its quarterly earnings conference call, but the company’s financial performance was somewhat overshadowed by the tragic death of a worker at an iPhone manufacturing facility. The factory, run by supplier Foxconn, is located in the Chinese city of Shenzen. […] Read more »

If there’s one thing doctors and lawyers hate, it’s being repeatedly asked for their professional opinion about something outside of the office by friends and acquaintances. Web workers, too, have to deal with these kinds of requests, but I personally find that people are even less abashed about asking for advice and help related to blogs, social media, networking and other web work because they don’t regard it as a specialized service the way they do with medical and legal expertise. Read more »

Email is a great tool for office communication, but is it really the best way to keep track of discussions? There are other choices, like communicating via IM or using wikis. Yet another option is ShareFlow, a new app from Zenbe, the people behind the popular […] Read more »

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