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Oh Apple TV, will you ever cease to have new competitors arise to elbow into your already paltry market share? Internet video giant YouTube wants to be next in line. The company is in talks with Sony and other major studios about offering newer movies as […] Read more »

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If you watch TV, then you probably can’t erase the memory of Vonage commercials from your brain, no matter how hard you try. The voiceover IP (VOIP) provider has been in business for quite a while now, but it has been losing ground to cheap alternatives […] Read more »

Whether freelancing, or in the corporate world, we all have to contend with deadlines. Deadlines generally come off sounding like shlock horror villains: they inch closer, approach, loom and grow larger. I’ve worked in settings where deadlines were paramount, and followed rigorously, and in situations where […] Read more »

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I’ve always wondered if everyone else with an iPhone was as susceptible to the urge to buy apps as I myself am. According to GigaOM’s look at the App Store’s revenue figures, I’m definitely not the only one succumbing to impulse shopping. The average amount spent […] Read more »

I’m not biased towards Toronto, despite calling it home, but it seems like a lot of good web things are brewing in this city. There’s FreshBooks, one of the leading online invoicing services for freelancers and businesses, and now there’s Sprouter, a new web app that’s […] Read more »

With the introduction of Apple’s iPhone OS 3.0 Software, consumers can now experience live and on-demand streaming video – natively – on all OS 3.0 enabled devices. There has never been a better time for content providers to offer high-quality video to iPhone users, and for […] Read more »

We’d like to say thanks to this week’s TheAppleBlog sponsors: Mozy: Back up your photos, music, and files with Mozy for as low as $4.34 per month. BackBlaze: Online backup for only $5/month per computer for unlimited storage. FREE Trial for Intel Mac users. Fuze Meeting: […] Read more »

I like my orange juice freshly squeezed, but there are some good things that come from Concentrate. From the new app, that is, not the distilled juice essence. Concentrate is a new program that seems perfectly designed for aspiring singletaskers. It aims to reduce distraction and […] Read more »

Well, it’s not the first turn-by-turn GPS navigation application in the App Store, but industry heavyweight TomTom has finally pushed out its entry. It became available late Sunday night, with versions for Australia, New Zealand, Western Europe and North America. In my opinion, TomTom is a […] Read more »

Making the jump from longtime corporate employee to self-employed or freelance web worker carries a lot of challenges. One of those is finding the right tools for the job, since in a corporate environment, standard equipment and software deployment is most often determined for you. Being […] Read more »

Sometimes I wonder if it’s just me, but I think it’s fair to say that a widely-experienced byproduct of social media engagement is social media disengagement. I’ve encountered it in BBS’s, forums, message boards, with IM clients, on MySpace, Facebook, and now, most recently, on Twitter. […] Read more »

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