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Apple has apparently re-introduced code references to Facebook integration to the most recent iOS 5.1 beta that were once present in pre-release software but later removed. It doesn’t mean we’ll necessarily see Apple include Facebook sign-in at the system level, like it’s done with Twitter, but it definitely makes it more likely than before. Read more »

HZO iPod nano

According to one maker of a waterproof microscopic film technology, we might see waterproof devices among the next generation of mobile phones, and Apple could be at the fore of this movement. The revolution could come without big trade-offs in physical design. Read more »

samsung nand

Apple has finally confirmed its purchase of Israel-based Anobit, a company that makes digital signal processing tech to improve the performance of NAND flash used in the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Air among other devices. It could help Apple extend its NAND flash empire further still. Read more »

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