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On Tuesday Apple introduced a major update to Final Cut Pro X that restores many features missing in the original release, and also comes alongside a free 30-day trial version for people still a little gun-shy after Apple’s latest overhaul to its professional video editing suite. Read more »


Samsung has officially fired back at Apple in Australia, filing a cross claim today with the Federal Court of the country. The claim says that Apple’s iPhone and iPad infringe upon seven wireless patents held by Samsung, and seeks to invalidate some of Apple’s patents. Read more »

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At least one of the people behind those “industry sources” attributions in Apple rumor articles is very real. Former Samsung manager Suk-Joo Hwang testified before a federal court on Wednesday that he had disclosed information about iPad components before the product was announced. Read more »


Adobe announced its new Flash Media Server 4.5 late Thursday afternoon, and it’s an iteration that Apple device owners should be very happy about. For the first time, Flash Media Server 4.5 enables same source video delivery to both Apple devices and Adobe Flash-compatible destinations. Read more »

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