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Apple could prepping to unveil a new content delivery strategy for apps, according to some code uncovered in the latest iTunes beta. Specific references are made to app rentals in iTunes 10.5 beta 9, released on Friday, which could change the way we shop for apps. Read more »


Apple’s iOS once again dominated the mobile OS market share picture in September, according to new data from Net Applications. The enterprise application maker and web monitoring company found that iOS accounted for 54.65 percent of mobile market share, up from 53 percent in August. Read more »

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Apple and Samsung clashed in a second day of hearings in an Australian court Thursday. Apple’s lawyers revealed that Steve Jobs attempted personally to avoid a legal battle between the two companies, and Samsung made a concession that could lead to hardware design compromises. Read more »


Enjoy “painting” on your iPad? It can produce some amazing results, but it doesn’t really feel like the real thing. That’s where Sensu comes in. It’s a new twist on the stylus that replicates real bristles using touch-screen compatible synthetic “hairs,” and looks good doing it. Read more »


Apple has officially announced its iPhone event, to be held on Oct. 4 as previously reported. The event will take place at Apple’s Cupertino Campus in California, beginning at 10 a.m. PDT ( 1 p.m. EDT), according to press invitations issued by Apple on Tuesday. Read more »


The next iPhone’s biggest difference, according to an extensive profile by 9to5Mac, may not be any hardware feature. Instead, the Siri-based “Assistant” system-wide software coud steal the show. Assistant could make talking to your phone as natural as touchscreen based controls are now. Read more »

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