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Part of Apple’s iCloud offerings is iTunes in the Cloud, which allows users to download past music, app and TV show purchases on any iOS or Mac associated with their account. A new report says Apple will soon add movies to the mix, too. Read more »

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Along with many other changes, iOS 5 ushers in Newsstand, Apple’s centralized hub for dealing with subscription-based digital newspapers and magazines. Many existing iOS apps already support Newsstand, so you may already have noticed it at work. Read more »

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The authorized biography of Steve Jobs, written by Walter Isaacson, will be released on Oct. 24, according to publisher Simon & Schuster on Thursday. That’s nearly a month earlier than its planned release date, and reportedly includes personal interviews with Jobs very near the end of life. Read more »


Here at TAB, we can’t claim to have a special relationship with Steve Jobs, but we can claim to have had our lives deeply affected by his work. These are some stories of how Steve and the products he brought to life have done just that. Read more »


Apple’s iPhone is getting an improved camera with the iPhone 4S, but a medical research team has gone a step further, turning the iPhone into a powerful, professional-caliber imaging and chemical detection device. This could be a big help to medical teams working in developing areas. Read more »


Apple was saw the biggest gain in this year’s annual Interbrand report of the world’s most valuable brands, with an estimated value of $33.5 billion and growth of 58 percent when measured year over year. The iPhone 4 and iPad were major contributors to Apple’s success. Read more »

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