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Matthew Waldman’s Nooka watches are far from your standard time-keeping devices, with various dial designs that often use digital, visual markers to indicate the passing of hours, minutes and seconds. With a new app launched Thursday, Nooka brings that time-telling magic to the iPhone. Read more »

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Apple has failed to secure a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Tab 10.1N tablet and Galaxy Nexus smartphone in Germany, thanks to a ruling by the Munich Regional Court Wednesday. That should help take the sting out of the appeal it lost on Tuesday. Read more »

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Apple released a fairly big update for its Final Cut Pro X video editing app on Tuesday. It only tips the version number slightly up to 10.0.3, but it brings a couple of major additions pro users have been clamoring for, including multi-camera editing. Read more »


Apple’s iPhone was a hot seller in the company’s first fiscal quarter of 2012, but that’s nothing compared to what one analyst predicts we could see in just a couple of years’ time. Morgan Stanley thinks Apple’s efforts in China could pay big dividends by 2013. Read more »

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