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Tim Cook in January. He has made annual visits to China since becoming CEO. Credit: China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
photo: China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Tim Cook told China’s state-run news agency that he sees the country becoming its largest market. He’s not just flattering his hosts: the greater China region represents about 15 percent of Apple’s total revenue, bringing in $23.8 billion during Apple’s fiscal 2012. Read more »


In an SEC filing, Verizon reported that it sold 9.8 million smartphones during the fourth quarter, which includes the all-important holiday season. The company specifically noted it saw a “higher mix of Apple smartphones” — similar to news from AT&T a day earlier. Read more »


Reports about Apple and TSMC striking a contract for mobile chip production have floated around since summer. In October, supply chain analysts in Asia said Apple was moving to TSMC. Now, reports peg the Taiwanese chipmaker with a first-quarter 2013 production trial for the A6X. Read more »


Obviously a quarter of a million or so is nothing to Apple, which has about $120 billion in the bank. But this episode does signify the end of this strange saga wherein Apple — for a while — refused to budge on selling AppleCare in the country. Read more »

Netflix on TV in Living Room
photo: Netflix

A WSJ report indicates Apple, Google and Microsoft are having acquisition talks with a small home automation company. The talks may not go anywhere. But that this company is interesting to these major players shows how crucial the battle for the living room is becoming. Read more »

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From a further fragmented iPhone, to smart watches, Jony Ive’s heightened influence and defusing the thermonuclear patent wars, we take a look at the people, themes and products to watch for from Apple in the coming year. Read more »

Snapguide iPad

Snapguide has been a certified hit as an iPhone app. But now that the content is there — guides on practically everything from the quirky to the dreadfully practical — the team at Heavy Bits, which makes Snapguide, wants to broaden its user base. Read more »

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