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Most travel search sites share pretty much the same layout: They’re cluttered with search boxes, radio dials, and drop-down menus galore, and of course, ads. Lots of them. Google’s new Hotel Finder has a refreshing approach. It’s clean, uncluttered, and totally sans ads. Read more »

lots of tablets

A UBS research note today upgrades its expectation of tablet sales this year while simultaneously knocking down its expectation of the PC industry’s growth. The opposite trajectories of PC and tablets show that, yes, in some cases people are buying a tablet instead of a laptop. Read more »

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Apple investors rejoice: The company’s stock closed at an all-time high Tuesday. Shares of the iPhone and iPad maker hit $400 a few times Monday but closed at $398.50. Tuesday shares opened at the $400 mark and actually peaked in the morning at $404.48. Read more »


Deutsche Bank is increasing its 2011 forecast of the worldwide market for cell phones to 1.68 billion, up from 1.57 billion. The reasons? They’re still trying to grasp how many cell phones are made and sold in China. Read more »

Mac App Store

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion went on sale on Wednesday, and already Apple is saying this release is selling “faster than any other OS release in Apple’s history.” It’s also the first time Apple’s done a major desktop OS release through its Mac App Store. Read more »

Apple put away $10.4 billion in cash during the most recent quarter, bringing its total cash and securities to $76.2 billion. Apple is extremely conservative about what it does with its money, which has become a little controversial. Here’s what people are saying. Read more »

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MacBook Air 11.6 inch

We knew Apple was introducing something today, what we didn’t know was that it was going to be saying goodbye as well. The basic white MacBook is getting squeezed out in favor of the newly polished and upgraded MacBook Air lineup. Read more »

iPad 2

When Apple released its third-quarter 2011 earnings results Tuesday, the numbers were, as is becoming almost customary for the Cupertino crew, a huge blow-out. Success was spread over many parts of the business, particularly the company’s flagship products. But those iPad results? Those were fairly stunning. Read more »

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