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Fotopedia, the visual storytelling startup founded by former Apple scientists, is turning its magazine-like travel photography app into an actual digital magazine called Fotopedia Magazine, an online publication focused on travel and culture. The digital platform of choice for distribution is another popular iPad app: Flipboard. Read more »


The Chairman of China Mobile says he’s been talking with Apple about offering the iPhone and about 4G LTE technology. China Mobile is not yet a carrier of the iPhone, but a deal could potentially be in the offing, considering Apple’s recent laser focus on China. Read more »

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Foodspotting, the app for finding and rating restaurant dishes, is getting in on the daily deals action. It plans to announce Tuesday that it is hooking up with Atlanta-based local deals purveyor Scoutmob to offer 50 percent and 100 percent off coupons for nearby restaurants. Read more »


Facebook made some pretty huge privacy changes last month. This month the social network is revealing more tools that help users automatically categorize friends, control who views content they post and allow users to decide whose status updates and photos they see the most and least. Read more »


Twitter CEO Dick Costolo lifted the veil on Twitter user statistics Thursday morning. Besides revealing the company’s active users, he talked about features it’s working on, the expansion of promoted tweets, and why he’s “excited” that 4 out of 10 active users don’t tweet. Read more »

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Apps for uploading geo-tagged historical photos to a map is a popular idea right now, using the ubiquity of mobile devices to teach people about how the world around them looked in the past. Rama is similar, but with curated historical narrative, and a business model. Read more »

Google’s doing a bit of house cleaning today, announcing on its blog that it’s shutting down a handful of properties and projects, including a big one they shelled out $50 million for. Social search company Aardvark is getting the axe just 18 months after being acquired. Read more »

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Social questions apps are normally used to find out the real-time status of a location, like “Is that bar crowded?” But during Hurricane Irene, users of Localmind were finding even more practical uses, with questions like “Is it safe to go surfing right now?” Read more »

iTunes sans TV rentals

Despite its role as a major selling point of the revamped Apple TV last fall, Apple confirmed Friday that it has done away with TV show rentals for iTunes and Apple TV. The company said the decision was based on lack of interest from customers. Read more »


It’s a question many in tech have pondered: What would happen to Apple without Steve Jobs as CEO? Now that the iconic businessman and CEO of Apple officially resigned as CEO, we look at how elevating COO Tim Cook to CEO will–and won’t–bring changes. Read more »


So, that personal computer business that HP doesn’t want anymore? The one with the largest market share in the world? Samsung isn’t interested either. The company attempted to put an end to rumors it was considering taking over HP’s laptop and desktop unit on its blog. Read more »

Spicy peppers

Semantic recipe search engine Yummly is tuning its search features to include more flavor profiles, just as it’s hitting a major milestone. The year-old company says it’s reached 2 million unique visitors for the month for the first time, the company is set to announce Wednesday. Read more »


On Tuesday United Airlines announced it is ordering 11,000 iPads for its pilots, to replace paper flight manuals and navigation charts. All told that’s 12,000 sheets of paper per pilot that United will no longer be ordering, saving hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel per year. Read more »


For nearly 30 years, personal computers as we’ve known them have been the drivers of the technology engine, from Intel to Microsoft to Dell to HP. But the rise of mobile computing is upending the technology business and redefining the PC and how we use it. Read more »

iPhone iAd

Mobile ad VP Andy Miller, is headed out the door, AllThingsD reported this morning. Miller is apparently headed to Boston-based Highland Capital, the same venture capital firm that funded Quattro Wireless, the mobile ads company Miller founded and sold to Apple last year. Read more »


HTC says nearly all Apple product lines infringe on patents it owns, and it wants compensation. On Tuesday, the Taiwan-based Android smartphone maker filed a lawsuit against Apple, saying that Macs, iPads, iPhones, iPods, AirPort, Time Capsule and Apple TV infringe on three patents it owns. Read more »

App Store

A survey of developers finds that the primary importance of selling additional copies of a single app is dropping while driving users back repeatedly and spending money within the apps they’ve already sold is gaining. It’s a natural outgrowth of an extremely crowded apps marketplace. Read more »

pile of cash

In the last year, without introducing a new handset model, Apple has gone from being responsible for half the mobile industry’s profits to accounting for two-thirds of that growing pile of cash. Meanwhile, Android device makers are still seeing a relatively meager share. Read more »

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