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It wasn’t just here in the U.S. and it wasn’t just iPhone users; the mobile app obsession has gone global and is now bigger than ever. Here’s a look at some of the most interesting statistics involving the abundance of mobile apps we devoured this year. Read more »

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The numbers are starting to roll in, and it seems Apple had a very good holiday weekend. Waiting under the Christmas tree on Sunday was a gigantic pile of of new Apple customers, who promptly starting buying apps, playing games and shopping, according to new stats. Read more »

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What kind of amazing new things are going to happen in tech over the next 365 days? Digital design agency Fjord got out its crystal ball and let us have a preview of its annual prediction of the most important themes in tech next year. Read more »


Reports say Apple is buying a maker of flash memory technology for up to $500 million. Apple hasn’t confirmed or commented on the deal, but it does seem to fit with Apple’s M.O. when it comes to acquisitions and its overarching strategy. Read more »

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Beyond the crowds that show up for Apple Store events, like iPhones on sale or Friday’s Grand Central Terminal store opening, it’s always amazing the sheer number of employees on hand. Fittingly, Horace Dediu at Asymco has calculated how much each retail employee makes for Apple. Read more »

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Those of you who hate meetings and can’t stand endless PowerPoint-based presentations, there’s hope. Todd Barr, chief marketing officer of Alfresco had some encouraging solutions for how to improve them at GigaOM’s Net:Work 2011 conference on Thursday: use tablets. Read more »

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Apple CEO Tim Cook predicted Apple would sell more iPhones than ever this quarter, but it may not have been a risky call: A new UBS report says Apple is on track to sell 30 million iPhones this quarter, leapfrogging a previous record. Read more »


Apple is likely going to sell a ridiculous amount of iPads this quarter. But some analysts are now telling their clients that their expectations for Apple’s tablet sales for the holidays should come down just a little bit closer to earth. Read more »


According to the New York Post, Apple has one of the lowest rents of all other retailers for its Grand Central Terminal store and will not pay its landlord (the Metropolitan Transportation Authority) any percentage of its sales, a situation being called “unique.” Read more »

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Corning, the maker of the hard-to-shatter Gorilla Glass put on the map by the original iPhone, saw a reduction in demand for its glass for tablets during the most recent quarter, according to financial analysts, sparking concerns that the market for tablets may be slowing down. Read more »


A small Midwestern startup is rethinking the way we use web search on our phones by tweaking the now-standard Google layout. Their solution: a mobile app called Leap2, which is set to launch Tuesday in the iOS App Store. It’s initially for the iPhone only. Read more »


Most of us who work with Google Docs have or will at some point get frustrated with it. After a recent poll, it’s clear the product that we know and like could be so much better with more attention from its creator. Herewith is our manifesto. Read more »


HipGeo is an iPhone app that passively tracks your location and can easily turn your trips into travel diaries. On Thursday, the company will release its first public API and location widgets so that any application or website can mimic some of HipGeo’s geo-location features. Read more »

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A never-before-seen interview with Steve Jobs debuts Wednesday night in 17 theaters. Taped in 1995, before Apple bought NeXT and Jobs returned to the company he founded, this interview stands as a historical snapshot of Jobs between the two defining periods of his life at Apple. Read more »


Apple’s iPad is a mobile device, but “mobile” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s being used while on the go. New research from McKinsey found most iPads never leave the home, and are used most in the living room, for things like watching video or browsing the web. Read more »


The highly anticipated Amazon Kindle Fire arrived in our offices on Monday, and here we unbox it and take our first look. The Kindle Fire is Amazon’s first foray into tablets after proving it knows a thing or two about e-book readers. Read more »


Today is Veterans Day, a day meant for appreciating the hard work and sacrifice of our men and women in the military, past and present. This week’s highlight of mobile apps we like includes iOS apps that help us remember and appreciate those who have fought. Read more »


Google Docs, which can be slow and hard to use, is an essential product in need of improvement. At GigaOM, we see problems as opportunity for innovation, so we invite you, readers, to weigh in on how would you fix or change Google’s extremely-handy-but-could-be-so-much-better productivity tools. Read more »

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You sort of knew this was coming: Reuters reports that Hewlett-Packard is looking to unload webOS, the mobile operating system it got when it bought Palm last year, for hundreds of millions of dollars, and far below the $1.2 billion it paid just 18 months ago. Read more »


This holiday season is the first big chance that ultrabooks will have to prove that they resonate with consumers. Will they boost PC sales the way Apple has seen overall Mac sales bumped by its MacBook Air? And where will Apple take notebook design next? Read more »

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