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cash money

With $100B in cash, there have been quite a few whispers about an Apple dividend, starting when Tim Cook officially become CEO. But after years of wishful thinking on the part of longtime investors in Apple, it’s starting to look like it could actually happen soon. Read more »


Your smartphone is already your mobile stereo. Why not make it the centerpiece of your car’s sound system too? That’s what makers of the Devium Dash, a kit you install in your car that makes your iPhone or iPod touch fit right in your car’s dash. Read more »

original iphone

Former iPhone marketing manager Bob Borchers tells students how Steve Jobs originally approached the iPhone team with the challenge of building the iPhone, a device that to date has sold 183 million units in less than five years. Read more »

The original iPhone, 2007.

Former iPhone marketing manager Bob Borchers tells students how Steve Jobs originally approached the iPhone team with the challenge of building the iPhone, a device that to date has sold 183 million units in less than five years. Read more »

Imagine all these as cores on one chip. The industry is.

The biggest manufacturers of electronic devices spent more in total on wireless chips than on standard computer chips last year, according to a new report. Device makers spent $58.6 billion on chips for wireless devices, compared to $53.7 billion on chips for desktops and notebook PCs. Read more »

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Pink Piggy Bank

For a company that manages to debut a new product line every few years that seizes the public’s attention worldwide, it is rather amazing to see how little Apple spends on research and development as a percentage of its sales compared to its peers. Read more »

Flight Results

One of the world’s most popular travel websites has decided mobile is better. On Monday, Kayak will reveal an updated design for its eight-year-old site. The interesting part? Kayak is now taking design cues from its recently updated iPad and iPhone apps, not vice versa. Read more »


Apple CEO Tim Cook said iCloud “is not just a product, it’s a strategy for the next decade.” What will that mean for a company trying to lead us all into the post-PC world? We look at possible future applications of cloud-based services from Apple. Read more »

Screen Shot 2012-01-25 at 6.25.51 AM

China is Apple’s second-most-important market after the U.S. But when it comes to finding other new emerging markets to sell its wares, Apple has its eye on Brazil. CEO Tim Cook spoke of the country’s growing importance during Apple’s quarterly earnings call on Tuesday. Read more »

Inside Apple cover

For the second time in three months a book is set to appear that endeavors to explain the “magic” and mystery of why Apple can do what it does. On Wednesday, Inside Apple, by Fortune reporter Adam Lashinsky, will be released. Here is our review. Read more »

siri-use (1)

Patently Apple has dug up a detailed patent for Siri, which goes into a lot of depth about potential future uses, including for online shopping, as a travel service, and as part of a car navigation system or the car’s entertainment system. Read more »


Apple is not the first company to introduce the idea of interactive and digital textbooks for mobile devices. And the players that are already doing that are, unsurprisingly, not super thrilled with all the attention Apple) is getting today. And they’re defending their territory. Read more »

iPad-textbook store1

Apple’s e-textbook tools and platform announcement wasn’t a huge surprise. But what’s become more clear after hearing Apple’s pitch, which is aimed at K-12 school teachers, school districts, homeschooling parents, publishers and students themselves, is that the future of textbooks isn’t a book at all. Read more »


We’re here at Apple’s education event at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. The company is expected to launch a set of tools that allow self-publishing of textbooks and possible partnering with textbook makers to push a digital learning initiative. The event and our live […] Read more »


As Apple adds to its collection of architecturally significant retail stores, the company is getting even fancier for its proposed new flagship store in Aix en Provence, France. It is doing away with walls almost entirely and going for an all-glass structure. Read more »

A page from "Alice for the iPad" by Atomic Antelope

Since before Apple announced its press event taking place this week, there’s been speculation that a logical step would be to sell digital textbooks directly through its iBookstore. But it turns out, what the company announces might not be that complicated. Read more »


Apple is holding an event in New York next week, in which the company is planning to make “an education announcement.” Many are connecting the event with comments Steve Jobs made to his biographer and expecting Apple to announce a digital textbook initiative through the iBookstore. Read more »


Apple sold a little over 2 million Macs between October and the end of December, according to IDC. That’s 18 percent more than the same quarter a year ago. It’s really good news for Apple, as that growth has put its market share at 10.92 percent of the U.S. PC market, its highest share in a very long time. Read more »

Screen Shot 2012-01-11 at 9.40.53 AM

Apple will be holding a press event in New York City this month, according to invitations sent Wednesday. The invitation has few details, but says the topic will be “an education announcement.” The event will take place at the Guggenheim Museum. Read more »

pile of cash

Apple released its proxy materials ahead of its annual shareholder’s meeting Monday. Contained in the small print is lots of detail about the compensation of its most important executives and board members, including a note about the big raise that CEO Tim Cook got in November. Read more »


With the industry in uproar and a good reputation in TVs, Vizio has picked a great (perhaps the greatest?) time in recent PC industry history to try to make its mark on the industry by taking an entertainment-focused, Windows-based approach to laptops and desktops. Read more »


Several months after losing the head of its iAd program, Apple has filled the gap. The company has plucked Todd Teresi from Adobe, where he’s been VP and general manager of media solutions, to lead its mobile ad team. He started at Apple on Tuesday. Read more »

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