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Mobile devices are finding their way into the workplace faster than ever. But it’s not just office jobs. We talk to a pilot about the devices and apps he uses to prepare for flights and replace pounds of flight manuals and stacks of paper charts. Read more »

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MLB At Bat

MLB’s office of Advanced Media has had the video streaming and mobile game figured out far longer any of its American peers in professional sports. And their mobile app is having a record-setting season in 2012, with 3 million downloads just a week into baseball season. Read more »

Considering the barely contained disaster that the consumer side of HP’s hardware business has been over the last year, today represents some welcome news: its PCs sales actually grew at a faster rate during the first quarter of 2012 than Apple’s Macs in the U.S. Read more »


A recent survey found the vast majority of photo enhancing and editing is done on a computer: just 15 percent of smartphone owners take and edit photos on their mobile device. This is good news for the growth opportunities of Instagram and other mobile photo apps. Read more »

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A new account says Apple is testing a 7.85-inch iPad. It’ natural for Apple’s labs to be filled with prototypes of all sorts of possible new and variations on existing products. But does it mean a smaller iPad is coming soon? Not necessarily. Read more »

iOS vs Android

Google CEO Larry Page is either experiencing amnesia or consciously rewriting the history of Apple and Google in the battle for mobile developers and consumers. In an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, Page says that for Apple, the “Android differences were actually for show.” Read more »

Screen Shot 2012-04-03 at 3.55.27 PM

Snapguide and Paper had successful iOS debuts last week. Both appeal to the creative side of mobile users, and it’s these app that are going to provide a roadmap for more iOS apps to come that appeal beyond entertainment, consumption-oriented or specialized productivity apps. Read more »

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As the dynamics of how we work change — away from offices, on mobile devices — the tools to enable easy access and smooth experiences of getting work done are popping up. The latest example is iSimplyConnect, a pay-as-you-go VPN for small companies deploying the iPad. Read more »

Credit: Bowen Liu/Apple Inc. via Bloomberg
photo: Credit: Bowen Liu/Apple Inc. via Bloomberg

Though Foxconn has agreed to bring its working hours policies into line with Chinese law after a high-profile audit, not all of its workers are cheering the news. Some employees say Foxconn’s pledge to reduce hours will reduce their pay, and they’re not happy about it. Read more »

Apple CEO Tim Cook

For all the handwringing over how Tim Cook would live up to his predecessor, employees seem to think he’s doing well — even better than Steve Jobs. That’s according to anonymous Apple employee rankings on Employees give Cook a 97 percent approval, versus Jobs’ 95 percent. Read more »

Credit: Bowen Liu/Apple Inc. via Bloomberg
photo: Credit: Bowen Liu/Apple Inc. via Bloomberg

Tim Cook is in China, but it’s not just to shake hands with foreign leaders and executives. On Wednesday, Cook took a tour of a new iPhone factory owned by its contract manufacturer Foxconn in Zhengzhou, China, Bloomberg reported Thursday. Apple supplied photos. Read more »


iPad users are forking over plenty of money to read their favorite digital publications on Apple’s iPad. In the U.S., the top 100 grossing publications in Apple’s Newsstand in February made more than $70,000 per day, according to Distimo. Pretty good for a five-month old product. Read more »

Comparison of SIM card sizes by Giesecke & Devrient

Apple loves controlling the entire experience of its products, and for the iPhone and iPad, the biggest uncontrollable element is a customer’s wireless carrier. Having a say in the SIM card, in theory, pushes Apple closer to the goal of controlling every aspect of its devices. Read more »


As privacy continues to be an important issue for Apple and iOS, the company is said to have finally started enforcing a policy that keeps apps out of the App Store that collect a device’s unique identifier number, which is sometimes used to track user behavior. Read more »


On Monday Apple CEO Tim Cook met with government officials to talk “investment” in the country. This kind of trip to China is something Steve Jobs didn’t do, but China’s importance to Apple has changed drastically in just the last couple years. Read more »

Arnab Gupta of Opera Solutions at Structure:Data 2012

Humans have to be part of the equation when it comes to interpreting and processing data if we want to get the most value out of it, argued Arnab Gupta, CEO and founder of Opera Solutions at Structure:Data. Gupta advocates for making data small. Read more »


After being nagged about it for years by Wall Street, Apple on Monday said it has decided to cut into its significant cash reserves by offering a dividend of $2.65 per share each quarter, starting with the company’s fourth fiscal quarter of 2012, July 1. Read more »


Since Apple introduced the new iPad, we’ve been answering your questions about which device to buy, whether you should upgrade and, once you have it, which apps you should get. Which ones look best? Which data plan should you pick? Here’s what you need to know. Read more »

tim cook new ipad

Hoping to attract the attention of Apple fans more interested in how their iPad is made than whether the Retina display is worth the upgrade or not, another coordinated, multi-store protest against working conditions in Apple’s third-party manufacturers’ factories is planned for Friday’s iPad launch. Read more »

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