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Creativity apps on Apple’s iOS platform aren’t just a consumer fad — investors want in too. Snapguide, an iPhone app that lets anyone create an easy how-to guide with their phone, snapped up a $5 million investment round earlier this month. Read more »

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Passbook in iOS 6

There were dozens of new iOS 6 features announced at WWDC, but for me the most interesting things are the little, sometimes-overlooked updates that have the biggest impact. Here are four things Apple is doing in iOS 6 that I’m most excited about. Read more »

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It was rumored before and now it looks like it’s happening: Apple is going to offer China’s leading search engine, Baidu, as an option on iPhones sold in China. On Thursday, Bloomberg reported that the deal was done, and that Apple could announce it at WWDC in San Francisco next week. Read more »

OTG Management airport iPads

Dread waiting around with nothing to do during a layover or waiting for a delayed flight? Meet the company that’s planning to outfit North American airports with tens of thousands of iPads to use — for free. The first cities will be New York, Minneapolis and Toronto. Read more »


It seemed a bit strange that following Siri’s debut in fall 2011 the iPad introduced five months later wasn’t equally equipped with the voice-assistant technology. But there are whispers that will change later this year, and Siri will debut on the new iPad. Read more »

Great Wall Of China
photo: Corbis

Apple has cleared a regulatory hurdle in China for selling a 3G device there. But what is it? The latest iPhone and older iPads are already available, but the newest iPad is still a question mark. Is this a sign its Chinese debut is near? Read more »


With its biggest developer event just weeks away, Apple is nailing down a few final details, including unveiling the official schedule. It was posted Tuesday morning for registered attendees on Apple’s developer website. There’s also an app they can download. Read more »

photo (10)

We collect a lot of stuff online — photos, check-ins, likes, tweets. But a lot of time those things are scattered all over several sites or social networks. The guys behind Kullect have a cool idea about how to keep it all in one place. Read more »

Tim Cook, Apple CEO
photo: Chris Hondros/Getty Images

Fortune’s cover story on Cook this week sketches a fascinating portrait of how Tim Cook is making his mark on Apple: Wall Street loves him, employees aren’t scared of him, he talks to Washington, and he’s still overseeing great new products, according to people who’ve seen them. Read more »

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