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The New Macbook Is Apple's Greenest Yet

Since bowing out of EPEAT certification for future Macs, Apple has seen at least one public agency say it can’t buy its computers anymore. Apple has responded by emphasizing its other green credentials. But it may also be helping to write future recyclability standards. Read more »


Apple has doubled its share of the smartphone market in China in the last year. But it’s still really far behind Android — 70% vs 18%. Apple needs to do something about that. And the easiest way would be partnering with the world’s biggest carrier, China Mobile. Read more »

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While many Americans were celebrating Independence Day, some iOS developers began receiving loads of complaints and bad reviews about recently updated apps suddenly crashing upon launch. Apple has yet to explain to users or clue their developers in on what happened. Read more »


Apple is planning to introduce an iPad with a screen measuring “7 inches to 8 inches diagonally, less than the current 9.7-inch version,” according to Bloomberg. However, this version of the iPad won’t have a Retina display, according to one of the sources. Read more »

Credit: Moore Brothers Wine Company

Wine sellers are sticking QR codes on bottles to help customers learn about unusual European wines and suggest food pairings. QR codes aren’t very popular in the U.S., but I like the idea of using tech to make food shopping and entree selection easier. Read more »

iPhone launch day

Since the iPhone’s debut five years ago the mobile industry has been completely transformed: Virtual keyboards are standard; wireless operators changed the way they do business; and an iPhone app sold for a billion dollars. Nothing, however, has changed more in five years than Apple itself. Read more »

Orbitz iPhone App Home Screen

Nailing the mobile experience is essential for online travel services. Orbitz’s new free app aims to make it much easier for leisure travelers to do trip research and book hotel, airfare and rental cars all within one app without going to a mobile website. Read more »

Werner Vogels, CTO and VP, Amazon Structure 2012
photo: Pinar Ozger

It’s been five years since Amazon CTO Werner Vogels first sat on the GigaOM Structure stage with Om. Instead of looking back, in their short chat they looked ahead at where the cloud industry and the major players would find themselves in the next five years. Read more »

Scott Forstall demonstrates Flyover, Apple's new 3D maps feature.

Apple’s new Maps app has its pros and cons. But it’s also becoming apparent that the normally conservative company has opened itself up to some significant potential risks by taking on the responsibility of creating and maintaining a mapping solution. Here’s a roundup of potential problems. Read more »

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