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In the last few days, both companies have added more products to their dispute, which they each claim violate mobile patents they own. Apple has included the flagship Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II, while Samsung has named the iPad mini as an infringer. Read more »


More details on the sale leak out via a lawsuit filed against Color on Monday. Most attention in the document is going to be rightly focused on the jarring accusations being leveled against CEO and founder Bill Nguyen by the petitioner, Adam Witherspoon, a cofounder of Color Read more »

AC/DC on iTunes

AC/DC had famously resisted Apple’s siren call for a long time, but is now selling all of its albums on iTunes. The band joins a list of other acts who only recently started selling digital tracks on iTunes, including Metallica, Kid Rock and the Beatles. Read more »

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Developers are frustrated by changes caused by the update to App Store with iOS 6. That release, which incorporated changes from Apple’s acquisition of Chomp, was supposed to help users find apps they’d like, and surface higher-quality apps. In many cases, it’s simply causing confusion. Read more »

Nokia Here

Though the free app isn’t released just yet, Nokia’s mapping app called Here could make Apple’s own Maps look behind the times. Here will be available online and offline. And more importantly for urban dwellers or those without cars, it will have public transit directions. Read more »

Apple Event 10/4 5 Tim Cook and Apple Store Crowd

CEO Tim Cook is adding more employee perks, including personal time for projects. If these “perks” sounds rather run-of-the-mill to you, it’s because they are — for many modern companies. It’s yet another move by Cook to turn Apple into a more “normal” company. Read more »

Foap commission iPhone

iPhones with 5- and 8-megapixel cameras are turning a lot of people into better and more prolific photographers. The Swedish company behind Foap, which lets anyone sell iPhone pictures through their app, has changed its quality standards and is offering a better incentive for users. Read more »

iCloud and Siri

The scope of the task before Apple’s internet services division is especially obvious this week. In the midst of news that SVP Eddy Cue would be assuming responsibility for Siri and Maps, the iCloud service he oversees experienced its third outage in a week. Read more »

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