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Google Maps iOS 6

Exactly how many iPhone users downloaded the app isn’t clear — neither Google nor Apple has released any such statistics just yet. But zooming to the top of the free charts, bypassing mega-hits like YouTube, Angry Birds Star Wars and Snapchat, indicate a large volume of downloads. Read more »

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The iPad may be an unexpected platform for making art with paper, but the folks at Pixle are betting there are people who want to use their iPad for creation. That’s why they made Foldify, a simple, easy-to-use app for creating papercraft art. Read more »

YouTube native app for iPad

Apple dropped the YouTube app from default inclusion in iOS 6, and Google had only issued a replacement native app for the iPhone and iPod touch. But Google is finally giving the iPad some love too. The app has also been fine-tuned for the iPhone 5. Read more »

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