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Google has expanded the size of Google Ventures’s annual fund from $200 million to $300 million annually, which will allow the firm to expand the scope of its deals and increase its presence as a major venture capital firm since its founding in 2009. Read more »

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The folks at closed their doors to future iOS downloads on Wednesday, saying they would no longer attempt to compete with Twitter in the curation space as the social network closes down on third-party requirements. In other words, another Twitter app bites the dust. Read more »

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Apple rolled out new editions of the iMac, its signature desktop computer, at the company’s hardware announcement event Tuesday in San Jose. The iMac comes in two different sizes, and will ship before the holidays, bringing a skinnier new look to a classic device. Read more »

MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina display

On Tuesday in San Jose Apple executives announced the arrival of the 13-inch MacBook Pro, joining the 15-inch edition announced in June that comes with the Retina display, technology that makes images and applications appear much sharper on the popular laptop computer. Read more »

Image 1 for post Need a cab? Flag one or call #TAXI on your cell( 2008-09-16 18:26:07)

Uber’s attempt to expand its on-demand town car service in New York to the realm of taxis could have reached a roadblock, with The Verge reporting that the company is scaling back the city’s taxi service and asking drivers to return their electronic devices used to operate the Uber system. Read more »

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