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Reuters has reported that Google is planning a late-stage investment fund led by the David Lawee. The report states that the new fund could be separate from Google Ventures, Google’s existing venture fund. Lawee previously led corporate development and oversaw mergers and acquisitions at Google. Read more »

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Launching a startup? Take the advice of Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger, who recently sold his startup to Facebook, and take a look at your early obsessions when starting a company — you might have more knowledge there than you think. Here are some of Krieger’s design tips. Read more »

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photo: Shutterstock Composition: Bird via basel101658 / Gavel via Alexander A. Sobolev

PeopleBrowsr, a company that provides marketing analytics based on the full stream of data from Twitter called the firehose, is suing Twitter for access to that stream. While Twitter is closing down who has access to the firehose, it shows where the company is headed. Read more »

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