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One year ago, two key trends dominated the solar industry: economic uncertainty and scarce credit. If solar companies were to survive, they needed to scramble to adapt their strategies to both. Today, the economy is more stable and credit is freer, and so the industry faces […] Read more »

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz was in fine form this week, telling the crowd assembled for the company’s analyst day that after only 14 years, Yahoo had “somehow got boring,” declaring its 6 percent operating margin as “pathetic” and announcing the start of “good times” that will […] Read more »

Its looking like the solar industry may be heading back into a not-so-sunny period, at least as far as corporate earnings are concerned. First, SunPower indicated last week that its 2009 revenue would be weaker than many investors had expected, sparking a selloff that has since […] Read more »

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Updated: PayPal opening up its payment processing API to developers, hoping to unleash new apps that use its electronic payment service, sounds somewhat anti-climactic. After all, most of the other brand-name web companies that emerged in the late 90s — including PayPal’s parent, eBay — have […] Read more »

Google said this week it might buy a big company “every year or two,” targeting “some accelerant that it would provide for revenue, some major, major user base that we did not currently have access to.” What’s surprising isn’t that Google is thinking this way, but […] Read more »

The past week was one of the best eBay has seen in a long time. AT&T said it will soon allow VoIP calls over its 3G network, a move that will boost Skype’s allure as eBay moves to sell it. And a federal appeals court dismissed […] Read more »

[qi:115] Suddenly, it’s mating season in the tech sector. Xerox is paying $6.4 billion for a piece of the cloud, Adobe is hooking up with Omniture and Intuit with Mint, and that may just be the start. As Om pointed out, this is good news for […] Read more »

Raising $100 million is newsworthy for any company, but when it happened to Twitter this week, it also seemed to raise a hundred million eyebrows. Most notable was the company’s $1 billion valuation, which was labeled “exospheric” and “a new manifestation of the dot-com bubble” and […] Read more »

Here’s a confession I’m a little uneasy making: I still read the newspaper every day. Not an online version, but an old-school, physical newspaper — the New York Times lands on my lawn each morning. I won’t leaf through the pages until the evening, digging into […] Read more »

Two weeks ago, an appeals court shot down an FCC rule that had prevented any single cable company from controlling more than 30 percent of U.S. TV subscriptions. While a few reports noted then that the decision could spur consolidation in the cable industry, the discussion […] Read more »

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It may have only lasted 100 minutes, but the Great Gmail Outage of last week generated discussion that endured for days. It started with panic attacks on Twitter and took some bizarre turns, such as sparking talk of lawsuits. But in the end, the fact of […] Read more »

The S&P 500 is up 50 percent from its March lows, a rebound that has helped to thaw the IPO market from the deep freeze it entered last fall. Twenty-one companies have gone public on U.S. markets so far this year, 10 of them technology firms. […] Read more »

Following months of bearish stories about the prospects for thin-film solar, First Solar delivered the kind of results for the second quarter that Wall Street likes to refer to as “blowout.” Revenue and net income nearly doubled in the recent 3-month period and both were wildly […] Read more »

Waiting for eBay to spin off Skype into the stock market? Don’t hold your breath. A legal battle with a company controlled by Skype’s founders could delay the move until at least the second half of next year — and possibly put the entire offering into […] Read more »

Cleantech companies are painting a cautious but encouraging picture with their most recent quarterly numbers. A week after solar panel maker SunPower posted surprisingly strong earnings, EnerNOC has delivered better-than-expected numbers and raised its forecast for the rest of the year. In the quarter ended June […] Read more »

At first glance, it looks like eBay and Amazon are swapping fortunes. eBay’s stock rose 11 percent the day after it posted second-quarter earnings this week, while Amazon’s stock dropped 8 percent in the wake of its own report. Amazon reported better numbers — its revenue […] Read more »

The past year has been a brutal one for solar companies. Capital dried up, as did demand for solar goods. Prices dropped while inventories grew. But if SunPower’s earnings are any indication, some solar companies are weathering the harsh market in ways that can still turn […] Read more »

Is the recession over already? Intel and IBM this week posted stronger-than-expected numbers and raised guidance for future quarters, pushing the Nasdaq 7.5 percent higher and inspiring some to hope a recovery was imminent, if not already here. But with all due respect to the bulls […] Read more »

Count me among the skeptics who see Google’s Chrome OS announcement this week as, first and foremost, an effort to induce pain in its longtime rival Microsoft. And a pointless one at that. Many people writing about Chrome OS have argued that there’s a sound business […] Read more »

Cleantech IPOs have been in short supply this year, despite the need of many startups for capital. But this week should bring at least one piece of encouraging news: Come Tuesday, geothermal energy producer Magma Energy, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, is expected to see its […] Read more »

Things may finally be turning around for troubled satellite radio venture Sirius XM. Following a long and costly merger, the company became desperate for new financing just as credit dried up, and managed to avert bankruptcy only by selling 40 percent of itself to John Malone […] Read more »

So now we know the dark, sinister story: Steve Jobs took someone’s liver in Memphis. Yes, it’s true! I read it in the Wall Street Journal. After sequestering himself in the haunted, Faulknerian chambers of some abandoned manor in the city of Elvis and the ancient […] Read more »

Ever since Netscape started storing cookies in its browsers, there has been a Jekyll-and-Hyde nature to the web. The Jekyll web promised a more personalized experience, with sites serving ads for products and services that you would actually be interested in — ads that are more […] Read more »

As eBay tinkers with its e-commerce site, CEO John Donahoe has been making the case that the company is turning around. But as we’ve noted, while some of the changes look encouraging, it’s not clear whether enough buyers are returning to the site. Today, Citigroup analyst […] Read more »

Is any tech CEO more reviled by his or her own customers than eBay’s John Donahoe? In online forums, sellers seethe about the higher fees and site changes he’s implemented. They write and sign petitions calling for his ouster. Even eBay employees voted him onto’s […] Read more »

Hoku Scientific, which makes polysilicon used by solar manufacturers, weighed in with another quarter of plunging revenue and red ink on Thursday. It also warned investors that it may lack “sufficient funds to complete the construction of its polysilicon plant” or even enough “to continue as […] Read more »

First Solar has been under pressure lately from analyst downgrades and financial publications warning of a solar glut. On Tuesday, an analyst at Broadpoint AmTech stepped in with some reasons why the stock might rally beginning with the company’s analyst’s day, scheduled for June 24. That […] Read more »

For the first time since last summer, oil prices are ratcheting higher again. But unlike last year, when surging energy prices sparked an increase in investor interest among alternative energies, an oil price surge in 2009 might make life more complicated for cleantech startups. Oil on […] Read more »

In the same way that there is an economic gap between rich and poor, there has emerged in the Internet sector a creativity gap. Instead of an upper class and a lower class, however, the creativity gap consists of a leading class and a lagging class. One way to tell the leaders is by the number of developers flocking to them. Read more »

As Germany’s Solarstravaganza kicks off in Munich on Wednesday, we’re reminded of the role the country’s government has played this decade in nurturing the solar industry this far. Few companies understand that role better than First Solar, which receives about 62 percent of its revenue from […] Read more »

Just how big a threat is the real-time web to Google? As Om has pointed out, real-time content marks a still-amorphous but important new phase of evolution in the web, allowing for the instantaneous discovery of newly added information. And Twitter and Facebook are emerging as […] Read more »

Pacific Ethanol, the corn ethanol producer whose future once seemed so bright it attracted a big investment from Bill Gates, continued its downward spiral today, a long and unprofitable journey that has now taken the company into bankruptcy courts. And things could get worse before they […] Read more »

[qi:114] While the recession had many predicting the IPO market would be largely non-existent in 2009, several new tech stocks listed on public markets during April and now in May. The companies squeaking out of the IPO queue, however, are mature, profitable and cash-rich. Their proceeds […] Read more »

In a footnote to Amazon’s 2008 letter to shareholders, Jeff Bezos related this moment of Zen: At a fulfillment center recently, one of our Kaizen experts asked me, “I’m in favor of a clean fulfillment center, but why are you cleaning? Why don’t you eliminate the […] Read more »

Duke Energy is keeping an eye out for distressed assets such as wind farms that other companies are willing to sell off in the sour economy, executives said in a conference call Tuesday held to discuss its earnings for the first quarter of 2009. The Charlotte, […] Read more »

It was unkind irony that just as MySpace was reshuffling its leadership with the hope of reviving its fortunes, Yahoo quietly announced the end of GeoCities. It was as if the hand of fate overseeing Internet startups was offering MySpace an uncomfortable peek into its own […] Read more »

So where’s all the smart-grid money that’s supposed to pour into fancy new smart meters? According to Itron, a leader in the smart meter sector, it’s stuck in the pockets of slow-moving utilities. Liberty Lake, Wash.-based Itron said revenue in the first three months of 2009 […] Read more »

The Obama administration’s clean power stimulus spending is already lifting the earnings of utilities companies. Florida utility FPL Group thanked clean power and stimulus funds today for its solid first-quarter results, which investors responded to by pushing FPL’s stock up 6 percent. In a conference call […] Read more »

Come Wednesday, it will be Apple’s turn to discuss its results for the first three months of 2009. But among the crowd of Apple watchers, the discussion has been simmering for months, with the tone shifting from pessimism about recession-whacked sales to cautious optimism — especially […] Read more »

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