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If you’ve been following the data center hardware space for the past year, you might be under the impression that integrated stacks are the future of IT. But it doesn’t look like customers are buying into the promise of having just one throat to choke. Read more »

I wrote recently that the time may be right for AWS to launch its own PaaS offering, if only to preempt any competitive threat from other providers’ increasingly business-friendly PaaS offerings. The time is indeed right, now that Google has introduced App Engine for Business. Read more »

It’s taken a full year and upward of $700 million in acquisitions, but CA Technologies (yes, it’s a new moniker) finally delivered on its cloud-computing strategy with several major product announcements. With these products, CA has set the bar for how management software must act within cloud-connected organizations. Read more »

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The PaaS segment of the cloud computing market is hot. Just look at the ado VMware and created with their VMforce announcement, or the attention Heroku is attracting with its Ruby-centric service. Could Amazon be the next cloud player to enter this market? Read more »

Organizations going down the private cloud path have some tough decisions to make. Most cloud management solutions are merely works in progress at this point, leaving customers with a Catch-22-like situation. Read more »

Put simply, life is good for cloud computing and big data vendors because there’s plenty of money to be made. Whether it’s from VCs, big IT suitors or (gasp) customers, someone wants to invest in your vision. Want evidence? This week offered plenty. Read more »

Much has already been written about this week’s VMforce announcement, but my biggest question still hasn’t been answered: Who’s the biggest winner in this partnership -– or VMware? And who’s the biggest loser? Read more »

Microsoft this week rolled out its CampaignReady suite of services, anchored by the Windows Azure-hosted TownHall. Especially for local or regional campaigns without the resources to build specialized tools, Microsoft’s pitch should be appealing. But Microsoft’s SaaS-plus-PaaS business model has legs beyond politics, and beyond Redmond. Read more »

MorphLabs made available in the U.S. today its cloud computing solutions, which are designed to let managed service providers enter the cloud provider market as they try to fend off cloud-based competition from the likes of Amazon Web Services and others. Read more »

When talking about cutting-edge topics like cloud computing and web infrastructure, it can be easy to let startups and niche vendors dominate the discussion. In the first quarter, however, the IT infrastructure market was all about the big boys. Read more »

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In some ways, the fact that Hadoop is mature enough to inspire commercial products — Cloudera and Karmasphere, e.g. — means it’s yesterday’s news. Which open-source, big-data-inspired product will be the next to launch a wave of startups and drive tens of millions in VC spending? Read more »

Cloudkick today launched Hybrid Cloudkick, an extension to its cloud-monitoring service that brings non-cloud servers into the fold via the same API and dashboard. With businesses looking for easy and low-risk methods for cloud adoption, anything “hybrid” is sure to draw some eyes. Read more »

When it comes to deploying databases web scale, many large sites opt to “go cheap, go custom or go home.” But might the resources spent developing open-source projects or building tools from scratch not become extraneous if companies could buy solutions that would work just fine? Read more »

Appistry today added another element to its cloud-computing application platform, announcing the April availability of CloudIQ Storage. With it, St. Louis-based Appistry joins the growing ranks of companies seizing on demand cloud storage solutions that maintain performance in the face of rapidly growing data volumes. Read more »

Continuing down its consulting-based path to cloud computing revenues, HP today introduced its Cloud Design Service. The new offering is an attempt to capitalize on HP’s role in designing private cloud infrastructures, including the Department of Defense’s much-ballyhooed RACE platform. Read more »

Over the past year, CA has been buying up startups across a variety of disciplines –- Cassatt, NetQoS and Oblicore –- each of which plays a critical role in CA’s mission to become the leader in managing cloud-connected IT departments. Who will it buy next? Read more »

Cloud storage startup Nasuni entered public beta today, bringing with it a new, but familiar, approach to storing primary data: It sells software that looks and acts like a traditional file system but stores data in cloud offerings from Amazon, Rackspace, Nirvanix and Iron Mountain. Read more »

Most cloud providers house services in only a few geographically distributed data centers, and national or continental data storage regulations can limit how -– and if -– organizations move their operations to the cloud. Can legislation can be passed that takes into account such realities? Read more »

Not only are there numerous synergies between the content delivery and cloud computing markets, but the two are set to become increasingly intertwined, according to a new GigaOM Pro report. It’s a relationship both CDN and cloud providers are trying to cash in on. Read more »

Google, nearly six years since it first applied for it, has finally received a patent for its MapReduce parallel programming model. The question now is how this will affect the various products and projects that utilize MapReduce, such as Apache’s MapReduce-inspired Hadoop project. Read more »

Elastra has incorporated energy efficiency intelligence into its Cloud Server solution, the latest example of a growing trend toward saving data center costs by using the least possible amount of power to accomplish any given task. Read more »

Java scalability specialist Terracotta has acquired the intellectual property associated with Quartz, a popular open-source job scheduler, part of Terracotta’s mission to integrate common open-source Java application components into its middleware solution. Terracotta has already integrated SQL-query service Hibernate, and it acquired popular distributed caching solution […] Read more »

[qi:gigaom_icon_cloud-computing] Love it or fear it, there is no denying the impact cloud computing is having on IT practices. Despite a summer full of high-profile outages, cloud computing spent the season continuing its march toward ubiquity, as our third-quarter wrap-up at GigaOM Pro showed (subscription required). Read more »

Dataram today took the wraps off its XcelaSAN solid-state disk (SSD) appliance. The company made its name selling memory-optimization products for high-performance computing workloads (and claims 70 percent of the Fortune 100 as customers), but the revolutionary promise of SSD technology lured Dataram into the storage […] Read more »

Network specialist Akamai has developed a managed service for optimizing the delivery of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) over WANs. The solution, a derivative of Akamai’s IP Application Accelerator, works with virtual desktop products by market leaders Citrix, VMware and Microsoft. Fifteen percent of all enterprise desktops […] Read more »

BLADE Network Technologies today said it raised $10 million in Series B funding from NEC Corp., Juniper Networks, Garnett & Helfrich Capital and an anonymous server maker, bringing its total valuation to $230 million. The startup switch provider also reported record revenue in its last quarter, […] Read more »

A new GigaOM Pro report from Analytico’s Tom Trainer, “The Future of Data Center Storage” (subscription required), could not have come at a better time. The report examines key storage trends, as well as what overall IT initiatives are driving them and what industry leaders are […] Read more »

The proliferation of standards bodies and other groups focusing on cloud computing makes it difficult to believe any one organization can deliver truly valuable, business-level information. In many cases, their scopes are too specialized. The work might be great, but it needs to make its way […] Read more »

Enterprise-grade private cloud computing could take a big step forward with the introduction of Platform Computing’s new cloud management software, Platform ISF. The casual IT follower might never have heard of Platform, but for the better part of 20 years, the company has been proving the […] Read more »

[qi:gigaom_icon_cloud-computing] As 2009 kicked off, pundits were adamant that the dismal state of the economy would drive suddenly cost-conscious enterprise IT departments to the cloud. Anecdotal evidence from vendors pointed to more customer engagements, and general interest in cloud computing (which continues to increase) had never […] Read more »

Cisco today announced its Unified Service Delivery (USD) strategy, which connects the data center with IP Next-Generations Networks (NGNs) to help service providers meet the increasing demand for high-bandwidth and time-dependent services ranging from consumer video to enterprise applications. Essentially a unification of existing components with […] Read more »

Antivirus software is important, but many available products can bog down machines with heavy memory and processor usage. Panda Security today announced its free personal Cloud Antivirus product, which keeps most of the heavy lifting in Panda’s cloud instead of on the user’s PC. The result: […] Read more »

It’s beginning to look like you just can’t keep a good cloud down. The makers of the open-source cloud computing platform Eucalyptus today said they have raised $5.5 million in Series A funding, and they announced the launch of Eucalyptus Systems Inc. The new company will […] Read more »

Forrester analyst James Staten recently authored a pair of reports on cloud computing that do something increasingly rare in the world of cloud analysis: give useful advice. Rather than talk about cloud computing as an all-or-nothing proposition where the only options are the status quo or […] Read more »

Earlier this week, Minneapolis-based software company NetEx released a cloud-specific version of its HyperIP solution. HyperIP represents technology originally designed for high-speed satellite communications other high-latency, high-packet-loss networks redesigned to work with IP. Now, the product can run with pretty much any application — including backup […] Read more »

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