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Om’s post about Google’s spending got me thinking about the hypocrisy in the way we assess web companies’ decisions to splurge on infrastructure. Startups are praised for spending on more infrastructure, while public companies feel the wrath of financial analysts when they do the same. Read more »

Bolstering the argument that money makes the world go ’round, Google’s earnings, and spending, were big news today, as is the third-quarter decrease in VC funding. AMD’s “better than expected” net loss and the prospect of cloud-caused job losses also garnered attention. Read more »

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Aside from the news we covered here, today also brought some interesting nuggets about Verizon’s data center plans, Twitter’s new data format and yet another scale-out storage vendor getting acquired. Further, there’s a lot to be learned from Intel’s huge recession profits and Cloudscaling’s cloud-benchmarking proofpoints. Read more »

IBM today increased the scope of its internal cloud-computing portfolio with three new CloudBurst offerings. The most important of the bunch might be IBM’s Service Delivery Manager software, which has been decoupled so that it can run atop any standard x86- or Power-based servers. Read more »

Europe is experiencing a case of VMworld. The big news: VMware announced a self-service portal for vCenter Director, and CSC is integrating vFabric into its Trusted Cloud offering. Elsewhere, it’s good news for the IT heavyweights, as Oracle and IBM unite on Java, and Intel improves its revenue. Read more »

Say goodbye to NorthScale. The NoSQL startup has officially changed its name to Membase Inc. to establish a tighter connection between the company’s moniker and its flagship product, Membase Server. The name change occurred with the general availability of Membase Server. Read more »

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Conventional wisdom suggests buying into the convenience and performance of converged infrastructure means buying into the dreaded vendor lock-in problem. As it turns out, however, that doesn’t have to be the case — Dell and Egenera are two players leading the charge for open converged infrastructure. Read more »

Commercial Hadoop startup Karmasphere today released the results of a survey of 102 Hadoop developers regarding adoption, use and future plans. The results provide some interesting insights into how Hadoop grows within organizations and underscore its status as an extremely valuable, but none-too-simple analytics tool. Read more »

We came back from the holiday weekend to a lot of predictions about the future of infrastructure and cloud opportunities, including a prediction on data warehousing being the next hot trend in storage, the latest version of Gartner’s cloud hype cycle and how Hurd-gate will impact Oracle. Read more »

Heading into the Labor Day weekend our reading list offers up stories on IBM’s prescient storage moves, whether or not the age of platforms as a service is over, yet another NoSQL commercialization startup and an overview of how Citrix sees the cloud. Enjoy. Read more »

VMworld is still going on but we’re going to let some other news into the roundup today with a few stories about the future of data centers and job opportunities in the cloud. There’s also a post on the difficulties of choosing between scaling out vs. up. Read more »

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter “V.” With everyone who’s anyone hanging out in San Francisco for VMworld, we’re taking any of those left behind there virtually with our links. So read on for Project Redwood, a new platform and some case studies. Read more »

In today’s cloud news we’re tackling the Large Hadron Collider and its petabytes of data as well as the importance of knowing where your apps will eventually run with so many diverse client devices out there. HP is also attempting another cloud play. Read more »

Did you know that led by VMWare Cloud Computing stocks are flying high on stock market? Netezza is blowing the doors with its financial performance and Juniper is streamlining the content delivery business. And CSC is serious about enterprise-grade cloud services. Read more »

Still wondering if cloud computing is the real deal, if it will find its way to a data center near you? Whether they’re buying, building or buddying up, vendors are surrounding their core competencies with everything they’ll need to compete in an increasingly integrated IT market. Read more »

What you need to know about NoSQL databases. Dell’s desire to to go for infrastructure gold. What does Hadron collider have to do with CouchDB, and HP is buying Stratavia. Plus with virtualization features, ARM is showing it is serious about servers. Read more »

Apparently, RedHat now has a cloud strategy and it is based around portability. Facebook isn’t using ARM chips in servers and startup 6Fusion got $3 million in new funding + Internet’s growth pushed server sales up by 11 percent in Q2 2010. Read more »

What a day for the Cloud news. Facebook is used ARM-chip based servers, Vyatta is pushing the envelope on virtualization and Microsoft has just come up with a new CPU/GPU chip. Plus scalable key-vaule database, Project Hydracus and Cloupia, which wants to manage many clouds. Read more »

Anticipated new products should advance VMware’s already-aggressive strategy to transition its dominant virtualization market share position into a full-scale takeover of the cloud. But with formidable competition on its heels, whether or not VMware can capitalize on its large footprint remains to be seen. Read more »

The cloud industry is as hot as the month of August. New financings to a bidding war for a storage company, the insiders are busy as beavers. In addition, Hadoop has been gaining more momentum. Plus a thoughtful article about the cost of cloud and co-locations. Read more »

Hadoop, the big data analytics software is so hot right now. Heck anything big data is so hot right now. Today’s links offer insights to Hadoop alternatives, how to use Hadoop and an endorsement of Microsoft’s platform as a service strategy. Read more »

As the days of summer wane, the news is a bit light, but Intel’s beefed up Atom chips for storage and a positive technical review for Northscale are among the blogs we found interesting today. It’s hardly beach reading, but dive on in. Read more »

Some argue that storage vendors are better off focusing their sales and marketing efforts on internal clouds rather than on public clouds. Essentially, the argument goes, vendors are feeding delivery model that ultimately hopes to steal their sales. This concern applies equally to server vendors, and that the long-term solution is investing in a hybrid strategy or getting into the software racket. Read more »

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True or not, stories like Eli Lilly dumping Amazon Web Services will become more common as large enterprises think about moving more workloads to the cloud. What’s not so certain is whether cloud computing providers will budge. Read more »

I’m all for openness, but as I discuss in my weekly column at GigaOM Pro, it’s do not too difficult to play devil’s advocate and make the case that open source cloud platform OpenStack won’t create true rivals for leading cloud providers or cloud software vendors. Read more »

Commercial Hadoop champion Cloudera is building a connector to enable movement of data between Netezza’s data warehousing appliance and Cloudera’s Hadoop clusters. It’s just the latest instance of an analytics vendor integrating Hadoop support, and further evidence that Hadoop has legs as a commercial technology. Read more »

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