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Thanks to SaaS, the marketplace for business software in many ways reflects the way consumers have acquired web-based goods and services for years. The expectation is that by making the technology easy to acquire, early customers will use it and influence broader adoption in their organizations. Read more »

I reported earlier this week on Amazon’s new VM Import service, which some have described as a Hotel California for VMware images. Today, I received word from Amazon Web Services that it’s planning to address this issue, to a degree, as the offering evolves. Read more »

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Given the myriad technological, political and cultural obstacles, what chance is there that cloud computing or Green IT will be there within the next 12 months, or that something will convince Apple to open up? I’d say “minimal,” but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Read more »


Everybody’s misguided sometimes, and that includes computer scientists and software vendors. Today brings news that Akamai lost its patent-infringement appeal against Limelight, Microsoft’s absent hybrid cloud strategy might be affecting Hyper-V adoption and everyone might be wrong that having the fastest supercomputer is so important. Read more »


On Friday, Microsoft’s HPC division opened up the company’s Dryad parallel-processing technologies as a Community Technology Preview (CTP). Dryad could be a rousing success, in part because Hadoop — which is written in Java — is not ideally suited to run atop Windows or support .NET applications. Read more »


Today’s links focus on the importance of infrastructure in building reliable services. We have Tumblr investing in a new data center, KT building a cost-efficient cloud and Citrix’s Simon Crosby telling why private clouds could have helped prevent the Wikileaks debacle on all fronts. Read more »

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heads or tails

There are two sides to every story: cloud computing might be a problem or a solution; the responsibility for online privacy might lie with web sites or the government; the ideal server might be either underpowered or overclocked; and Oracle might or might not ruin Java. Read more »

splunk shirt

Anyone who’s walked the exhibition floor of a large IT tradeshow might recognize Splunk for its cleverly emblazoned T-shirts and bumper stickers. But beyond quirky sayings, there’s real value in Splunk’s IT search and monitoring product — so much so that it’s planning an IPO in 2012. Read more »


Today is full of intrigue, at least in terms of relationships among IT vendors. Probably the most intriguing relationships involve Cisco and NetApp, and the foursome that teamed up to purchaseNovell’s intellectual property. Elsewhere, AWS launched VM Import, and open source BI vendors are proliferating. Read more »


Rackspace is moving up the cloud stack by acquiring Cloudkick, a startup that provides server management and monitoring as a service. Rackspace already has a partnership with CA-owned Nimsoft, so I suspect the purchase was spurred by a desire to compete with Amazon Web Services. Read more »


There was much talk about cloud computing today, all of it hitting different aspects — from how IT organizations will adopt it to what makes a “niche” cloud to how AT&T’s spotty network helped drive the need for it. Hadoop and Cassandra news also caught my eye. Read more »


Private-cloud pioneer Eucalyptus is furthering its partner-centric growth strategy by partnering with Red Hat. Possibly more important than the announcement, though, is the timing: Eucalyptus is not the only internal-cloud software on the market, and it needs to win back its space in the spotlight. Read more »


There was lots of cloud news today, but the biggest has to be the Sixth Circuit’s holding protecting email under the Fourth Amendment. Data privacy is one the biggest issues facing cloud computing, and this is a good first step — although it’s just that. Read more »


Scalable SQL startup Clustrix has closed a $12 million Series B round of funding, bringing its total to $30 million. The new money came from existing investors U.S. Venture Partners, Sequoia Capital and ATA Ventures. Considering Clustrix’s steady momentum, this funding shouldn’t take anybody by surprise. Read more »

cloud merge2

CloudBees, fresh off closing a $4 million funding round, has acquired fellow Java PaaS startup Stax Networks. The move might seem inconsequential — both companies are relatively unknown — but it signals that the PaaS consolidation kicked off by Red Hat and might just be beginning. Read more »


Web infrastructure is a hot topic today, after Amazon Web Services experienced an outage over the weekend, and after Facebook released some interesting details about its Hadoop cluster on Friday. Even LinkedIn is making headlines by expanding into a new Los Angeles data center. Read more »

path to the clouds

CloudSwitch today released version 2.0 of CloudSwitch Enterprise, which should help in the company’s quest to become an integral part of customers’ environments. Our conversation focused on the company’s future plans and how it’s bucking the seeming trend toward grabbing as much venture capital as possible. Read more »


Amazon’s new 5TB object limit in S3 made quite a splash, as has EC2 in Ireland, where it now accounts for one-third of all web-facing servers. While AWS is attracting new users, others, like Cisco with cloud developers and Datameer with data analysts — are trying. Read more »

movies stack

Amazon Web Services has upped the maximum image size in Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) to 5TB from 5GB. Clearly, a 1,000X increase is significant and probably is driven by the new class of customers AWS is catering to with its Cluster Compute and GPU Instances. Read more »


Heated rivalries keep everything interesting, so it’s good to see that “Do No Evil” Google is up to the task of trading blows with Microsoft in the cloud collaboration space. Today, it took offense to being omitted from bidding in the USDA contract that Microsoft won, […] Read more »


Amazon Web Services jumped on the mobile-application development bandwagon today with software development kits for both the Google Android and Apple iOS operating systems. The move underscores the need for cloud providers – even the mighty AWS – to target the increasingly important mobile-developer market. Read more »

more clouds

Believe it or not, there was cloud activity today outside of buying Heroku. What struck me was Oracle defining Java victory on its own terms, Microsoft announcing the forthcoming SQL Azure Reporting, SAP’s mission to change BI and open source expert Matt Asay leaving Canonical. Read more »


Marc Benioff’s insistence on calling a cloud computing company used to draw a few laughs. That’s been changing over the past several months with offerings like VMforce and, and its acquisition of PaaS pioneer Heroku for $212 million is the icing on the cake. Read more »

app engine

There’s a lot to talk about today if you’re a cloud developer. Aside from, we have Amazon Web Services achieving PCI compliance, a rundown of developer-centric cloud strategies, an argument that services trumps APIs and a question on whether PaaS providers should publicize their shortcomings. Read more »

gaming lounge

Joyent today launched three new services targeted at online gaming studios. They’re noteworthy on their own because of the natural symbiosis between online and mobile games and cloud computing, but they’re also part of a greater trend of prepackaging cloud solutions for specific audiences. Read more »


Nimbula Director is now available as a public beta release. Nimbula has received lots of attention since emerging from stealth mode in late June, primarily because of its founders’ pedigrees as the creators and builders of Amazon EC2, but now Nimbula’s product has to prove itself. Read more »

heart monitor

Amazon Web Services is taking its CloudWatch monitoring service to the next level, announcing on Friday morning a half-dozen new features. Cloud monitoring is becoming big business, so anything AWS can do to keep those dollars in-house is probably worth the effort. Read more »

hadoop logo

Chalk another one (two, actually) up for Hadoop. Among the big news today is Apple stepping up its Hadoop development efforts, and Datameer targeting social-gaming companies for its Hadoop-powered spreadsheet application. Elsewhere, data center spending is still high, and IBM is looking to revolutionize high-end processors. Read more »

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