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stack of cubes

After years of debate over the role of open source in cloud computing, the possibility of a top-to-bottom, open-source, infrastructure stack now looks very real, with much of the designs and code needed to build a cloud from the ground up available free of charge. Read more »

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Cotendo is mixing the benefits of both cloud computing and content-delivery networks (CDN) in an attempt to boost performance and speed when delivering dynamic content to users. Cloudlet could be a boon for Cotendo in the cutthroat CDN market against Akamai and Limelight Networks. Read more »

chicks in nest

Platform-as-a-Service star Heroku has grown up since bought for $212 million in December, attracting the attention of some big names in systems integration an enterprise consulting through the Heroku Partner Program, including Accenture and Pivotal Labs. The traction helps validate Ruby, Heroku and PaaS. Read more »

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Two of Amazon Web Services’ most-unique features have finally crossed paths with news this morning that Spot Instances are now available for Cluster Compute Instances. Spot Instances have always been ideal for ad hoc batch-processing jobs, which often run atop on-premise grids or clusters. Read more »


Dell is undertaking a sweeping effort to improve its place in the cloud computing market with several new data centers, services and a converged infrastructure system to compete with Cisco’s Unified Computing System. It’s a pretty significant change of pace for Dell, although not necessarily surprising. Read more »


After years of talking about cloud computing but offering services that bore little resemblance to the public infrastructure-as-a-service clouds with which most people are familiar, IBM is finally offering a cloud that will compete with those from Amazon Web Services, Rackspace and other major cloud providers. Read more »


Despite an industry-wide push for better and more-complete big data strategies, it’s beginning to look like EMC and IBM will be the two technology vendors earning the most data-related dollars once the dust settles because they’ve embraced the new big data bundle while others have not. Read more »

Incapsula is trying to democratize web site security and performance by utilizing the distributed, yet centralized, nature of cloud computing. In some ways, its namesake product is the epitome of a cloud service because it utilizes both crowdsourcing and centralization to create the best-possible experience. Read more »

stock exchange

Unstructured database provider MarkLogic has a new CEO with big-business experience and plans to take fast-growing company public. MarkLogic is nowhere near the size of CEO Ken Bado’s former employer, Autodesk, but it does have a healthy business that belies its relative youth and NoSQL ties. Read more »


VMware officially entered the service provider market by taking over operations of the Mozy storage service from EMC. VMware CTO Steven Herrod announced the news on his blog today, writing that “VMware has hired the team and acquired assets behind EMC’s Mozy cloud-based data protection service.” Read more »


Startup medical search company Apixio is trying to save lives by bringing machine-learning and natural-language-processing techniques to medical records, giving doctors a patient’s entire relevant medical history via a simple cloud-based search engine. The goal is to make information-sharing among medical providers far more intelligent. Read more »


A handful of new releases and partnerships this week — as well as a big award — illustrate just how versatile the data-processing tool Hadoop is and how widespread its use might become. Hadoop is becoming a more viable tool for everyone from business users to journalists. Read more »


According to a survey by AFCOM, cloud computing is on the rise among data center operators, more than doubling since last year and expected to reach 80-90 percent in the next five years. The survey also shows that energy efficiency is driving data center decisions. Read more »


Hardware rarely comes up in discussions about big data, save for those centered on data warehouse appliances. But the omission hardly means hardware is irrelevant. In fact, big gear might become a big deal as companies look to bolster the performance of their big data systems. Read more »

wall street

High-performance computing leader Platform Computing hopes to capitalize on the big data movement by spreading its wings beyond its flagship business of managing clusters and grids and into managing MapReduce environments, too. Platform has a solid foundation among leading businesses, especially in the financial services industry. Read more »

tunnel vision

One of the statements that struck me most from Structure: Big Data was CA CTO Donald Ferguson’s notion that big data represents a “very promising” opportunity for startups, particularly those targeting specific target use cases. I think he’s right, particularly with regard to the latter part. Read more »


Amazon Web Services this morning announced dedicated EC2 instances for customers using AWS’s newly upgraded Virtual Private Cloud service. This is yet another example of AWS pushing the innovation envelope despite its customer lead, although Dedicated Instances are a bit pricier than some recent free tools. Read more »

Ajei Gopal, CA Technologies, at Structure Big Data 2011

At our Structure: Big Data conference, CA Technologies CTO Donald Ferguson suggested that big data might actually be a driving force behind the adoption of cloud computing because variable workloads are ideal for utility billing models. More of his thoughts here. Read more »

Knome, Metamarkets, ITA Software, OmniTI, Karmasphere at Structure Big Data 2011

As organizations strive to analyze more data than ever and to do it faster than ever, the results they’re getting might actually be worse than those in the pre-big-data and real-time world — at least temporarily. Read more »

Cloudera's Amr Awadallah, Pervasive Software's Mike Hoskins, 10gen's Dwight Merriman, Yahoo's Todd Papaioannou, and DataStax Ben Werther

During an afternoon panel entitled “The Many Faces of MapReduce — Hadoop and Beyond,” moderator Gary Orenstein compared the two primary Hadoop components — MapReduce and the Hadoop Distributed File System — to the meat and bread of a sandwich. Read more »


NoSQL startup DataStax officially entered the pantheon of Hadoop providers today, introducing its own distribution called “Brisk.” Brisk utilizes the open source NoSQL database Cassandra as a replacement for Apache’s Hadoop Distributed File System, as well as Cassandra’s built-in MapReduce engine and Hive. Read more »

blending clouds

At long last, Microsoft has taken a big step forward in its cloud computing fight against VMware by letting customers manage hybrid on-premise and Windows Azure environments from within Microsoft’s System Center systems management software. Read more »

Cash stack

Cloud Platform-as-a-Service startup DotCloud has raised $10 million from Benchamrk Capital and Trinity Ventures, further evidence that openness will be critical if PaaS is to become the future of cloud computing. Openness in PaaS might best be defined as giving users choice and some management access. Read more »


Last week, Intel announced its plans to produce an Atom processor designed for use within servers, but company’s road map — which doesn’t have the server-ready Atom available until 2012 — raises the question of how serious Intel is about pushing an alternative to its flagship Xeon architecture. Read more »


Using Hadoop to process data for targeted web advertising efforts is nothing new, but this week, two companies in the video advertising space also stepped forward to highlight how Hadoop is helping them deliver the right ads to the right viewers for their clients. Read more »

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