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The more-wood-behind-fewer-arrows Google has announced its latest round of retired products, among them Insights for Search, which has been merged into Google Trends, and Google News Badges. Additionally, storage accounts will be consolidated across Picasa and Drive, giving users one pool of capacity. Read more »

Yes, 4G and LTE networks are huge improvements over previous-generation mobile networks, but they’re not about to cure mobile-data woes without some smart development to help them. Speaking at GigaOM Mobilize on Thursday, Aspera’s Serban Simu and Akamai’s Kris Alexander espoused the value of both intelligent […] Read more »

MongoDB proprietor 10gen has raised more money, this time an undisclosed sum from intelligence-agency strategic investor In-Q-Tel. 10gen is the firm’s first foray into NoSQL databases, although certainly not its only investment in the next-generation data-management space that also includes big data technologies like Hadoop. Read more »

Human Face of Big Data 1
photo: Joe McNally/The Human Face of Big Data

Photojournalist Rick Smolan has a new book coming out called The Human Face of Big Data. Far more than a book, it’s part of a project to show how much data each one of us generates, how it’s all connected and how it’s changing the world. Read more »


Flash storage startup Nimble Storage has raised another $40 million in preparation for an IPO within the next two years. The company, which builds appliances fusing both flash and hard disk drives, is part of a hot flash market that’s raking in venture capital. Read more »

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