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photo: GoDaddy

GoDaddy has been undergoing a transformation lately as it tries to become more valuable to its customers by providing higher-level services than just web hosting. Its latest product is a CDN that it claims can help significantly decrease pageload times for its small-business customers. Read more »

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Don Basile
photo: Violin Memory

Flash storage vendor Violin Memory has acquired appliance maker GridIron Systems to improve performance even more for demanding applications. Even as some are calling for slower flash, Violin thinks speed, cost and reliability don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Read more »

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photo: Pinar Ozger

VMware CTO Steve Herrod is leaving his post to join venture capital firm General Catalyst, where he’ll be managing director. I think this is a big loss for VMware, which has already been hemorrhaging technical talent to younger, nimbler companies. Read more »

Both Amazon Web Services and Netflix — its most-prominent customer — have released details on AWS outage that took down Netflix’s streaming service on Christmas Eve. AWS attributes the issue primarily to human error. Netflix just wants to avoid this situation again, whatever the cause. Read more »


Everyone’s talking about the greatness of big data, but we’re nowhere near the promised land of what’s possible when we turn data loose on our lives. Here are three things to watch that could affect how companies and everday people consume all that info. Read more »

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