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There has been a huge amount of speculation about whether Apple would release a laptop with a trackpad resembling an iPhone or iPod touch screen. While this always seemed unlikely, there’s no doubt that the iPhone has the perfect sized screen to function as an (albeit […] Read more »

One of the ports included with all the new (and previous generation of) MacBook Pros is an ExpressCard slot. Having never had this type of expansion before, I’ve decided to have a look around and see what uses it can serve. This article will give a […] Read more »

The Wall Street Journal published an article yesterday highlighting how mobile phone technology is beginning to reach the stage where a laptop is no longer necessary. For years, mobile workers have been ditching their desktop computers for laptops that they can take wherever they go. Now […] Read more »

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The latest version of the iPhone Firmware — version 2.2 — has been seeded to developers. It offers a few features which users have been desperate for, along with smaller additions which could lead to interesting new applications in the future. Whether you’ve been clamoring for […] Read more »

A new proposal from Apple, highlighted today by AppleInsider, hints at their desire to provide ubiquitous connectivity to the internet through a series of tiny RF modules. At present, the only device in Apple’s lineup capable of providing wireless connectivity anywhere is the iPhone, supporting Wi-Fi, […] Read more »

Of all the information I have stored on my Mac, email is by far the data I hold with highest regard. I choose not to use a web based email service such as GMail or MobileMe Mail — rather using the basic Mail application bundled with OSX. […] Read more »

Apple announced their quarterly earnings report yesterday, including some great news surrounding iPhone and Mac sales. Steve Jobs also made an appearance on the earnings call — a rare occurrence for this type of event. Much of the financial news was centered around the screaming success […] Read more »

For the first time in Apple’s history, the recent incarnation of consumer and professional laptops are starting to show signs of being part of the same family. While the MacBook has seen arguably the most impressive bump in terms of comparison to its original feature set, […] Read more »

As someone with a large media collection (around 550GB), I’m always looking for inventive new ways to store, backup and stream all my content. One of my main annoyances with simply storing media on an external drive is that you obviously need to have the device […] Read more »

Taking screenshots on Windows used to a laborious process, consisting of performing a print screen then editing the result in Photoshop. Leopard (and indeed, earlier editions of OS X) goes a long way to simplifying the process with different key combinations to achieve different results. It […] Read more »

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Apple have announced today that they are now selling TV shows in high definition from all four major broadcasters, ABC, FOX, CBS and NBC Universal. FOX were the fourth and final large network to offer HD support today. Some of the HD shows available include “Grey’s […] Read more »

One of my ‘pet peeves’ about OS X is the inability to force a window to remain on top of all the others. Several years ago, when using Windows, this was a functionality that I found invaluable for watching videos and keeping certain web pages or […] Read more »

We’ve managed to get our hands on a brand new 15″ MacBook Pro and have a collection of photos of the box, packaging and accessories. Initial Impressions The look and feel of the new MacBook Pro is one of luxury. The aluminum shell has clearly enjoyed […] Read more »

The latest version of Open Office, released today, has been in development for the past three years. As one of the most popular open source competitors to Microsoft Office, the release has been anticipated for some time (the launch even warranted a party!). Open Office comprises […] Read more »

As an avid Apple fan, I use a MacBook as my primary machine along with a Cinema Display to provide some extra screen estate. When choosing to buy the display, I never really considered the possibility that I would need to plug any device into it […] Read more »

Apple have announced a new series of developer events aimed at those creating software for the iPhone. The event will be touring various locations in the USA, as well as Europe, Asia and India, starting with Paris and San Francisco on October 22. Attending the event […] Read more »

Apple have recently announced a new field trip scheme, encouraging youngsters to visit their local Apple Store. The aim is to either let children use the hardware and software in the store to create a new project (likely using different iLife packages), or to turn the […] Read more »

Several websites have reported in recent days that Microsoft are once again extending their period of official support for vendors offering Windows XP on new machines. The proposed deadline had already been extended to the end of January 2009, but appears now to have been prolonged […] Read more »

For those of us who don’t have an iDisk up in the MobileMe cloud, it can be very useful to have a way of easily moving files to an FTP server without opening up your FTP client and moving the file manually. Maybe you want to […] Read more »

There are many different word processing programs available for a Mac, ranging from fully fledged offerings such as Pages and Microsoft Word through to more basic apps, such as TextEdit and Text-Wrangler. All of these follow a similar theme and, whilst they all focus on a […] Read more »

There are certainly quite a few different iPods out there now – Apple have come a very long way from the initial iPod with a whole family of devices today. I’m the proud owner of a 5g iPod video at the moment – I think it’s […] Read more »

Apple’s products are often very focused on the consumer market, striving to provide features to allow you to manage your personal photos, music, documents and data. The iLife suite is a feature packed bag of goodies which handles anything you throw at it with style and […] Read more »

According to AppleInsider, Apple has begun to produce a new version of the iPod, which will have video capabilities. The new iPod is likely to be announced at a press conference a week from tomorrow, on the 12th October. This will most likely be accompanied by […] Read more »

According to Engadget, Apple plan to introduce a new line of iPod minis in the coming month. They will be 75-80% smaller than the existing models, and offer a colour screen. There may also be an 8gb model introduced, likely to be priced at $299. The […] Read more »

With iTunes 4.9, you can now browse and subscribe to podcasts from within the iTunes Music Store. Podcasts are frequently updated radio-style shows downloadable over the Internet. You can also transfer podcasts to iPod, for listening on the go. iTunes 4.9 weighs in at a 9.9mb […] Read more »

A Close-Up of the Plasticsmith mini Skirt glo Plasticsmith have come into their own since the launch of the Mac Mini, developing accessories at an alarming rate, and offering some really original and funky ideas. These include a monitor stand to place your Mini underneath, a […] Read more »

Apple have been granted a patent application for a Tablet device, complete with images and descriptive text. The patent compares it directly to other Windows based devices such as HP’s tablet PC lineup. The images show that the device has a touch screen, and is of […] Read more »

Apple today updated their popular music jukebox software – iTunes – to version 4.8. This new version has introduced several new features: > Video Support – iTunes now plays QuickTime movies (a few screenshots at Apple Insider) > iPod Contact/Calendar Sync – You can now easily […] Read more »

Often, you find that the hard drive capacity on your Mac just won’t cut it. As your collection of MP3’s, video and photographs begins to grow, you often find your diskspace running out at a fairly fast rate. There are two directions you can then take. […] Read more »

Griffin Technology have been a long term manufacturer of iPod accessories. They rose to fame through the iTrip radio transmitter, and have been increasing their product line-up ever since. They recently adopted the ‘Made for iPod’ branding, working with Apple to create certified accessories. My first […] Read more »

Apple have released Quicktime 7 for Panther users. It weighs in at a 26.6mb download, and can be accessed through Software Update. Although Apple’s new operating system ‘Tiger‘ is not released until later today, it seems Apple have provided the download slightly ahead of schedule. The […] Read more »

Apple have just officially released the new Power Mac G5 lineup. Whether it was planned for today, or rushed through due to Amazon leaking the release early is up for debate. Apple® today unveiled the fastest, most powerful Power Mac® G5 desktop line ever, featuring dual […] Read more »

If you’re anything like me, you constantly seem to find yourself drafting out very similar emails to people. Whether it’s “Thank you for your payment”, “Why haven’t you dispatched my eBay item yet” or a long, drawn out reply to someone explaining why you can’t open […] Read more »

SingStar consists of a couple of microphones which connect into your Playstation 2. You then sing along to some popular songs, and it scores you based on how good you sound. The technology behind it is very clever, as is the quality of the software and […] Read more »

Apple have released the final operating system upgrade to Panther before Tiger hits the shelves. It weighs in at a 51.3mb download, and is available now through Software Update. If you prefer, you could also download the Delta Update Installer to your hard drive to install […] Read more »

In my opinion, pinball can be likened to the huge range of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. There are a countless number of variations on what is always essentially the same basic recipe. With this classic arcade game, the simple essentials are always the same. Take […] Read more »

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