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Sling Media, Inc. have announced at Macworld that they are working on a version of SlingPlayer Mobile for the iPhone. Demonstrations are being given at the conference, and the software would seem to be in the later stages of development. The software provides a way to […] Read more »

Many of you will have seen images of the original Modbook — it’s a customized tablet style MacBook, with a host of hardware additions and a touch sensitive screen. The makers of the Modbook, Axiotron, have announced the addition of the Modbook Pro to their lineup. The […] Read more »

For those of you who have dabbled with website design and development, you may be interested to know that OS X is bundled by default with the Apache web server. This allows you to easily develop websites on your own computer without the need to invest […] Read more »

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The iPhone’s lack of any MMS capabilities was said to be on account of the versatile and full featured email support. If it’s so simple to send photos via email, why pay extra to send them via MMS? While that is a valid argument to a […] Read more »

iMovie ’09 adds powerful, yet easy-to-use new features to let you create a movie quickly, or add refinements and special effects to your project if you have more time. There are a whole host of new features, each of which can aid in the quest to […] Read more »

GarageBand ’09, the updated version of Apple’s popular software used by millions to play and record music, now gives budding musicians a fun new way to learn to play piano and guitar. Basic Lessons Basic Lessons let you learn the fundamentals at your own pace with […] Read more »

Ecamm Network have announced the world’s first webcam with Bluetooth wireless technology. The new BT-1 webcam combines top-notch video and sound with complete freedom from wires. This is the first Bluetooth webcam supported by OS X, and will be priced at $149.99 when launched in a […] Read more »

It could certainly be argued that the iPhone has sparked a new revolution of multi-touch capable mobiles phones and handheld devices. iPhone-esque phones seem to be rearing their heads every day, all sharing one common problem; they don’t recognize a tap from a gloved finger. For […] Read more »

The latest application from Cultured Code is Things, a task organizer and to-do list manager for Mac and iPhone. It centers around the ideas encompassed in Getting Things Done (GTD) and makes it easy to break down and organize tasks. Far from being a straight forward […] Read more »

Keep Your Word, produced by Bamboo Apps is a tool for those learning a new language. It allows you to build your own dictionary as new words are discovered, classifying and grouping the terms exactly how you want to, while helping you learn a large vocabulary […] Read more »

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Laminar Research has recently released two new versions of its X-Plane flight simulator for the iPhone and iPod touch; X-Plane Airliner and X-Plane Helicopter. Each can be purchased for $4.99 from the App Store — around half the price of the standard X-Plane game for iPhone. […] Read more »

It’s the holiday season, the season of giving, and the people behind MacHeist are giving away a bundle of free applications through the Mac Giving Tree. It’s simply a case of signing up and returning on Christmas Day to receive the promotional codes and ‘unwrap’ your […] Read more »

Many of you will be familiar with the iPhone application Where To which provides a quick way to find points of interest around you (whether you’re looking for food, places to shop, fun things to do or a whole range of other options). The application has […] Read more »

JobCompass is a new application on the iPhone that allows you to search through millions of jobs, locating and plotting them on a map in relation to your current position. It pulls vacancy information in real time, so new listings appear on a regular basis. The […] Read more »

Global Delight has recently announced their release of a public beta for Viola, an image capture and annotating tool for Mac. Voila features the ability to capture a region from the screen in a variety of different shapes as well as take a full screen, timed or […] Read more »

Apple today released the next major update to OS X Leopard in the form of Mac OS X 10.5.6 and is now available via Software Update, or the Apple downloads page. It is a 377MB download, recommended for all users running Mac OS X Leopard. Some […] Read more »

Wi-Gear recently announced a new revision of their iMuffs Wireless Headphones, with full support for the the iPhone. The new iMuffs support iPhones, iPod nanos, iPod touch, and all iPods with a dock connector, have improved Bluetooth range and improved radio interference rejection. This helps to […] Read more »

The latest Firefox beta has enabled support for multi-touch gestures on the latest Apple laptops (including the MacBook Air, and late 2008 MacBook/Macbook Pro). Multi touch gestures already provide a whole new way to use Expose on your Mac, and it seems that Firefox is likely […] Read more »

This week, Glu Mobile’s latest game The Dark Knight: Batmobile Game for iPhone went live on the App Store. In the game, players get to direct the Batmobile through a difficult street path filled with twists and turns as well as jump sequences with the goal […] Read more »

Tapulous, maker of the popular Tap Tap Revenge (now with 3 million users), has today announced two new applications for the holiday period. Tap Tap Revenge has attracted game and music lovers alike with tracks by Katy Perry, Kaiser Chiefs, Weezer and The Offspring all being […] Read more »

The Dock has become an iconic feature on the OS X operating system, present from the very earliest versions. It provides a unique way to open applications and monitor what is running on your system, while also offering a space to minimize application windows to. While […] Read more »

Ars Technica are reporting that Apple has taken the decision to offer no-fee licenses to companies that develop products utilizing the DisplayPort connection, with the aim of accelerating the port’s ascension to a ‘de facto’ standard. Having recently announced that they will be transitioning their entire […] Read more »

Yazsoft today announced an extensive Christmas giveaway — their “biggest one yet.” From December 1 to December 24, 2008, everyone has a chance to win 1 of 4 grand packages. No purchase is required to enter, and winners will be drawn randomly during the first week […] Read more »

Dare to be Creative has released Sponge, a system cleaning and optimization tool for Mac OS X. The tagline for the product, summing up the aim of Sponge well, is: You’re running out of disk space? You want to clean your disk to free up some […] Read more »

Much has been written about VMware in recent months, with the release of Fusion 2.0. The software provides operating system virtualization, allowing you to run your favorite Windows applications and devices on any Intel-based Mac. Today, until 11:59 PM Pacific Time, the VMware e-store is running […] Read more »

With their latest lineup of products, Apple is pushing the new environmental features in an aggressive way. Rightly so, they are proud of their achievement — going from a heavily criticized Mac and iPod lineup a few years ago, to a set of very environmentally friendly […] Read more »

The desktop wallpaper on your Mac is something that you may not pay a great deal of attention to. If so, you might be missing out on a great way to create a personal look and feel for your computer, revel in stunning photography, or even […] Read more »

The security of your Mac can fall into a few different categories. One such category would be that of preventing data loss (i.e. making regular backups). Apple has helped to make this easy in recent years with the inclusion of Time Machine in OS X. Another […] Read more »

The idea of a ‘bundle’ promotion is a common occurrence in the Mac software world. The most widely publicized event centered around great deals on indie Mac software is MacHeist. The general idea is that bundling a package of applications together leads to a great deal […] Read more »

It’s generally taken for granted that a cutting edge company such as Apple has a well oiled system of editors and copywriters who check software releases for errors before they go live. Unfortunately, it seems that the system has broken down with the latest iPhone software […] Read more »

It’s the time of year when — love it or hate it — you need to start thinking about Christmas shopping. If you’re the kind of person who prefers to leave their shopping until Christmas Eve, then by all means skip on to the next post! […] Read more »

Today, Mozilla has released Fashion Your Firefox, a new Web application that enables Firefox users to customize their browser based on their interests and online activities. It provides a simple way to find appropriate add-ons that fit your lifestyles, showcasing them in a simple and easy-to-install […] Read more »

Apple has today started to take orders for their new 24″ LED Cinema Display. Shipping is stated to start sometime in November, and the screen is priced at $899. We have previously covered the announcement of the new displays and detailed their features. This new device […] Read more »

EventBox is an application created by The Cosmic Machine, which aims to provide one place from which to manage all your online social networking activity. It can ‘pack all your social networks in one box’. I think that an application performing the function that EventBox aims […] Read more »

Apple’s user interface is heralded as a sleek, modern experience. A great deal of attention is paid to the design of icons, and a guide is published to help ensure that developers also create icons which meet the standards of OS X. If you’d like to […] Read more »

ShareTool is a piece of software which allows you to easily access your Mac from a remote location. To quote their tagline: “ShareTool is hands down, the fastest, easiest, and most secure way to access all of your Bonjour services from anywhere in the world.” The […] Read more »

Someone with a formidable knowledge of iPhone hardware has managed to attach a working external keyboard to his 3G iPhone. For those inclined, there are some technical explanations here and here, though the translation renders them difficult to understand. It would appear that at present this […] Read more »

According to The NPD Group, the leader in market research for the wireless industry, the iPhone 3G surpassed the Motorola RAZR as the leading handset purchased by US adult consumers in the third quarter of 2008. The RAZR had been ranked as the top-selling consumer handset […] Read more »

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