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For many American women, television is becoming like Muzak. It’s on a lot, but it’s mostly background noise. That’s the conclusion of a just-released report from research firm Solutions Research Group documenting the media habits of women in the United States. While women’s time spent with […] Read more »

One of the first breakout Web stars has returned to the role that brought him to Internet fame three years ago. Hayden Black, the creator and star of Goodnight Burbank, inked a production deal with United Kingdom-based that brings the new spinoff Goodnight Burbank: Hollywood […] Read more »

Clicks just aren’t what they used to be. In fact, they’re pretty much meaningless for the online advertising business, said Gian Fulgoni, chairman and co-founder of comScore, during a keynote speech at the OMMA Hollywood conference in Los Angeles on Monday. In their place, advertisers and […] Read more »

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High school students are Facebooking, MySpacing and Twittering on their own time, but many public high schools have yet to fully incorporate teenagers’ native tools –- digital media -– into their classrooms. To change that, teachers from the San Francisco Unified School District are slated to […] Read more »

The new push by television set makers to introduce Internet-connected models this year could turn consumer electronics manufacturers into gatekeepers for content. Internet-connected sets from Sony, LG and Samsung were among the most buzzworthy products showcased at the recent Consumer Electronics Show. They’ll come to market […] Read more »

Web video is starting to mirror traditional TV, like it or not. Case in point: the distribution strategy and release schedule of LG15: The Resistance. EQAL, the production studio behind the show, will release new episodes just once a week, starting Sat., Sept. 20. Hmm, that […] Read more »

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