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The controversy over whether Apple should enter the netbook category seems to incite a fair bit of passion in some commentators. One school of thought contends that Apple already has the bases adequately covered with its conventional notebooks and the MacBook Air, plus the iPhone for […] Read more »

Jade, a different sort of digital image processing utility, doesn’t do anything you can’t achieve using tools and filters in Photoshop, Pixelmator, or other image editors, but it can transform your less-than-perfect shots (dark, dim, feeble, pale, badly lit, vague, gloomy) into images you can be […] Read more »

IDC reported this week that 2008’s third quarter saw U.S. domestic notebook shipments cruise past a 50 percent share of the personal computer market, not for the first time but reaching a convincing 55.2 percent. As usual, the broader market trails Apple in the trend line, […] Read more »

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It’s increasingly clear, at least to me, that Apple can’t afford to ignore the netbook phenomenon. Yes, I know Apple doesn’t do cheap computers and that there are markets the company chooses not to serve, but netbooks really can’t be considered just another class of laptop, […] Read more »

Anthony Hunt has posted The Matte display for MacBook Petition on which reads: To:  Apple Computer We pledge to purchase a new MacBook if you, Apple Computer, would be so kind as to provide the option of a matte display. Sincerely, The Undersigned I’m all […] Read more »

Hello, I’m a Mac writer. Charles Moore here,  another TAB newbie, and Darrell Etherington isn’t the only Canadian on the roster, as I’m a Canuck too, albeit from a different part of the country — far eastern mainland Nova Scotia. I’ve been a writer most of […] Read more »

In January, 2001, I was initially blown away by the just-introduced Titanium PowerBook G4, titling my initial commentary on Steve Jobs’ Macworld keynote’s “one more thing….” – “Simply The Coolest Piece Of Hardware Apple Has Ever Built.” Then, after some sober second thought I ordered a […] Read more »

The Sunrise browser has been around for two or three years, but I never paid it much attention. It was pitched as a browser for web developers, and I’m not one, but being something of a browser junkie, the recent release of version 1.7.5 finally enticed […] Read more »

As much stick as the Mac Web rumoristas and “insider” channelers take from advocates of “serious journalism,” over the years they have proved to be right more often than not, and leading up to yesterday’s new Apple MacBook announcements, it’s now confirmed that they’ve been batting […] Read more »

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The Logitech V550 Nano wireless mouse is marketed as a notebook mouse, but the real story is that this is just a really superb mouse, whatever sort of computer you use it with — notebook or desktop. I never thought I would say that about a […] Read more »

The Dashboard was one of the marquee new features in Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger when it was introduced in the spring of 2005 — a sort of Desktop alternate universe accessed through the Dock as a home and interface for an assortment of mini-applications and […] Read more »

The simplest way to get extended runtime with a laptop computer is to have a second battery charged and ready. For example, with two fully-charged extended life batteries I can get more than 10 hours computing time with my old G4-upgraded Pismo PowerBook running OS X […] Read more »

I have a confession to make. The new Google G1 smartphone appeals to me a lot more than the iPhone does. Not in terms of slickness and coolness of course, but actually, even though it’s about 30% thicker and nearly 20% heavier than the iPhone, I […] Read more »

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