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Opera Software released version 10.63 of their flagship browser on Tuesday, with another round of tweaks, enhancements and bug fixes. Being a consummate Opera fan, I wasted no time checking it out Opera in both Snow Leopard and on my old G4 PowerBook running Tiger. Read more »


Does the Mac community need another Web browser? Probably not if we’re talking conventional browsers, as there’s a luxury of choices already available: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and a gaggle of others. But Fake is different, and it could just be the time-saver you’re looking for. Read more »

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My main computer for the past 19 months has been a Core 2 Duo unibody MacBook. It’s fast, has an excellent LED backlit display, is quiet and reliable. Nevertheless I still log some three to four hours per day on average with my 10-year-old Pismo PowerBooks. Read more »


It’s looking like Firefox version 3.6 may well be the end of the road for Power PC holdout fans of’s flagship web browser. In a posting on Tuesday, Mozilla affirmed: “the likely outcome is that we will not be supporting PPC [PowerPC] for Firefox 4.” Read more »


Apple has closed a deal to access all the intellectual property of LiquidMetal Technologies regarding an amorphous, non-crystalline, metal alloy with unique atomic structures that can be used to create products that are stronger, lighter, and harder than is possible with alloys of titanium or aluminum. Read more »


After nearly a year in release, Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard still seems to still be a work in progress. I keep trying to upgrade to Snow Leopard, but always end up back with Leopard for a number of reasons including bugs and hardware stress. Read more »


A university professor friend and recent platform-switcher jestingly refers to “the Church of the Mac.” He’s become an enthusiastic Mac evangelist and is perceiving some loose parallels. My learned friend is far from unique in drawing analogies between computer platform affinities and religion. Read more »


The biggest speculative conundrum for Mac laptop watchers is, “Whither the MacBook Air?” It’s been over a year since the Air received its last refresh, and the puzzler is whether it will be getting another or just be allowed to fade away from relevance through neglect. Read more »

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Ackerman thinks that something being largely overlooked amidst the tsunami of iPad hype is what he deems its biggest potential “achievement” — that Apple’s touchscreen quasi-PC might have finally struck a fatal blow to the longstanding standard of computer input devices, the computer mouse. Read more »


Have a hankering to be a published author? With the iPad’s launch expected to exponentially increase interest in and demand for e-books, a new e-book publishing and distribution platform called Smashwords could be your ticket to , if not necessarily literary fame and fortune, at least the satisfaction of authorship and perhaps a few bucks of income enhancement. Read more »

Still running a PowerPC Mac and hurting for some serious browser speed, up-to-date security and web standards compatibility? Being open-source applications, Mozilla’s web browsers and Thunderbird email client are open to being breathed on by third-party developers, several of whom specialize in optimization of particular versions […] Read more »


PC World’s Jeff Bertolucci recently posed the rhetorical question, “Could a tablet replace your notebook?” He referenced not only Apple’s anticipated tablet computer but also new PC tablets like the one from Microsoft and HP that was pitched at CES, the chatter about which inclined him […] Read more »

Laptops are great; I’m an uber-fan and have been almost exclusively a laptop user since 1996, but for the long hours of production work that many web workers like myself do, conventional laptop ergonomics are a horror, and can lead to a variety of painful or […] Read more »


Most modern Macs, except for the MacBook Air and some MacBook models (such as my late 2008 unibody, alas), offer both FireWire and USB connections, so when shopping for an external hard drive you have plenty of options for something that will work with your Mac, […] Read more »


InfoWorld’s Randall C. Kennedy thinks not. Sounding a sour note about Apple’s anticipated tablet plans, InfoWorld’s Randall C. Kennedy says that even clever engineering can’t overcome fundamental limitations of tablet computing, “Tablet PCs suck,” says Kennedy, categorically, elaborating that tablets are underpowered, only marginally portable, and […] Read more »


Back in 2007, the Mac web rumor mill was abuzz for a while about a reported September meeting in California between Steve Jobs and Volkswagen CEO Winterkorn over possibly integrating the iPod, iPhone, and other Apple products into an automobile — with blogosphere speculation about possibly […] Read more »

Google’s Chrome Browser was released to the public as a beta version for Microsoft Windows in September 2008, and currently enjoys 3.6 percent marketshare worldwide (NetApplications data November 1) putting it in fourth place behind MSIE, Firefox, and Safari. There was initially no Mac version, but […] Read more »

The second wave of H1N1 swine flu is here. Vaccine’s in short supply, so we need alternate strategies for coping with the pandemic, the consequences of which could include a lack of Internet bandwidth capacity if large numbers of workers opt for staying home and telecommuting […] Read more »

Apple is putting a lot of emphasis on its “green” initiatives lately. But is it the real deal? For example, Apple’s new energy efficiency page says that because 53 percent of Apple’s greenhouse gas emissions are a result of the power its products consume, it’s designing […] Read more »

I’ve finally got computer glasses, after years of gradually increasing difficulty focusing at mid-range between distance and close-up vision. My optometrist first suggested bifocals back in ’02, but I resisted. In hindsight, this was not my wisest decision. My reasoning wasn’t vanity; I was getting along […] Read more »

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