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Apple has announced that the 3G model of the iPad will be made available on May 7. News of the launch comes following an update to the Apple online store, which finally details the U.S. availability of the 3G capable device. Read more »

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When Apple first revealed the iPhone back in 2007, many hardcore fans with a keen eye noticed that the images of the then-new smartphone device displayed a somewhat unusual timestamp. All official images released by Apple showed the time on the iPhone as 9:42. Read more »


The last major update to the iPhone’s operating system arrived last June, bringing with it many desired features. Highlights from the 3.0 update included the long awaited copy and paste, in addition to features such as spotlight search and voice control. But what can we expect from tomorrow’s 4.0 unveiling? Read more »


As predicted, an update to Apple’s Snow Leopard and Leopard operating systems, which fixes a record number of vulnerabilities, is now available. The sizable patch, which weighs in at over 700MB, tends to a number of known security problems within the latest client and server versions of OS X, and is the largest update Apple has ever put out. Read more »


This morning, Apple finally announced the release date for its anticipated iPad, detailing that the tablet device will be available starting Saturday, April 3. The early April weekend launch will see only the Wi-Fi model of the touch-screen device being made available, starting at $499, with […] Read more »

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Ever since the tragic earthquake struck Haiti last week, people the world over have been generously donating towards the much-needed aid effort. Thankfully, due to several unique and innovative schemes, it has never been easier to make a pledge. One such upcoming program is the Indie+Relief […] Read more »


The iPhone’s lack of support for Adobe’s Flash platform has been a topic of much debate ever since the smartphone’s 2007 début. However, a recently developed JavaScript work-around successfully manages to get Apple’s popular iPhone running Flash files, without the need to void your warranty by […] Read more »

The web has been rife today with news that Stéphane Richard, an executive from France Télécom, the French communications company, had let slip could-be details about Apple’s supposedly upcoming tablet in a recent radio interview. During the Europe 1 interview, which aired Monday morning, Richard revealed […] Read more »

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