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Telemedicine can encompass everything from robotic surgery to remote consultations with far-away doctors. But telemedicine needs super fast broadband, so communities are trying to provide it as a way to improve their economic health. Read more »

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Want to control your community’s broadband? Then you you have to own the process that determines how the technology is used, as Kansas City might be learning to its chagrin after Google didn’t seem keen a proposal for community Wi-Fi in one section of the city. Read more »

Studying the more than 150 successful community broadband networks (see map), and listening to mayors of cities that are driving significant innovations with broadband, a serious question comes to mind. Has Kansas City taken full ownership of the business of broadband? Communities nationwide with broadband hopes […] Read more »

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Much like the welfare-to-work reform bill had bipartisan support because it moved people from welfare into a job, the FCC needs to reform the Lifeline program to provide broadband so it moves people from government assistance into jobs. Not just any jobs, but tech-oriented jobs. Read more »


Regressive, telco industry-influenced state legislators are at it again, trying to kill communities’ right to determine their own broadband futures. Anti-community broadband bills are rearing their ugly heads in several states. Can SOPA-style protests help? Read more »


If Green Bay, Wis. with a population of 105,000 can raise $70 million to re-hab its football field by selling $250 stock shares, There must be a community in America that can raise up to $3 million for a broadband network. Here’s how it might work. Read more »


One of the benefits of D.C.’s 100 gigabit network is that it should open eyes to the importance of middle mile infrastructure, but it’s not clear how many last mile projects will spring up to connect to it. How DC-CAN resolves this could influence federal policy. Read more »


Two news headlines of note this week highlight the challenges of getting what you wish for, especially if what you wished for is a gigabit network. One shows a community that’s reached a broadband objective, the latter reflects another’s uncertainty about what its objectives are. Read more »


Last week I visited two Kansas Cities – in Kansas and Missouri – on a broadband site visit. When I went to Chattanooga, Tenn., I got an “after” picture of what communities can do with a gigabit. The Kansas City trip was about figuring out the “before.” Read more »


Two days in Chattanooga, Tenn. show how a municipal broadband network can pay dividends when community leaders focus on the applications a gigabit network can deliver and consider the long-term economic development potential. And yes, it can even generate enough revenue to become profitable. Read more »


Last September Chattanooga, Tenn.’s public utility (EPB) announced the first gigabit broadband service in the U.S. To fully grasp the economic power of true broadband, community leaders and broadband champions need look under the hood to get the inside scoop.Here’s what gigabit networks can do. Read more »


A handful of telco and cable companies and their allies are advancing what some consider the sugarcoated destruction of free-market dynamics and the democratic process by attacking North Carolina’s community broadband networks. This runs counter to the National Broadband Plan and democracy. Read more »


President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech is tonight, where the commander-in-chief is expected to espouse jobs programs and improving the economy in America’s communities. But no rallying cry is complete without acknowledging the pivotal role broadband can play reaching these goals. Read more »

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