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President-elect Barack Obama and once-presidential-hopeful Al Gore met today to discuss (what else) “energy, climate change, and job creation — and how those three things go together.” Obama didn’t say what role Gore will play in his administration but pledged that the former VP will be […] Read more »

Tubular solar startup Solyndra today announced a $320 million deal with Carlisle Energy Services, a newly formed division of Carlisle Construction Materials. The deal is for 100 megawatts of panels over five years which will be installed with Carlisle’s reflective roofing membrane. Read more »

The election is over, so hopefully you’ve had plenty of time to catch up on all the cleantech news, but in case you missed the happenings this week, we’ve gathered the big headlines for your here. Amyris Opens Synthetic Diesel Pilot Plant: Biofuel startup Amyris started […] Read more »

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iPhone apps might some day be the gold mine for advertising.  In the meanwhile, we are seeing the emergence of a new trend: iPhone apps as ads. Hollywood studios are the first ones to react and using free applications to promote its movies. We are totally loving […] Read more »

If President-elect Obama is serious about bailing out Detroit and also serious about his campaign goal of putting 1 million domestically produced plug-in electric hybrids on the road by 2015, execs like Bob Lutz, GM’s vice chairman, have no place in tomorrow’s Detroit — at least […] Read more »

“The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” seems to be the place to be if you want to pitch your grand energy idea. Author and energy technology evangelist Thomas Friedman was the guest on Tuesday, and last night T. Boone Pickens pitched his Pickens Plan on the […] Read more »

Better Wind Turbine Likes Variable Wind: Vancouver, British Columbia-based startup ExRo Technologies has developed a wind turbine that could reduce costs and increase electricity production by 50 percent by tapping winds across a wide range of conditions – MIT Technology Review. Says Who the Cleantech Bubble […] Read more »

The DOD this week awarded $2.4 million the development of li-ion batteries and $2 million for lead-acid batteries. Read more »

New Zealand-based Aquaflow Bionomic said today that it’s seeking to raise up to NZ$30 million ($16.6 million) from a new public offering. The three-year-old company, whose algae technology involves harvesting wild algae and squeezing it into green crude oil, plans to sell up to 60 million […] Read more »

Silicon solar Solaria’s CFO Chris Dier tells us that the company is ooking to raise a Series D round of funding in the next year to finance an additional 50 to 100 megawatts of production capacity by 2010. Read more »

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Ocean Power Technologies Says Aloha to New PowerBuoy: The wave energy company has deployed its third PowerBuoy in the last two months. The most recent one is part of the company’s work with the Navy and is bobbing in the waves near Kaneohe Bay off the […] Read more »

Freescale Semiconductor said today that it is teaming up with McLaren Electronic Systems to build regenerative braking systems for Formula 1 race cars. The energy would be released with a special “boost button.” Think Knight Rider meets Prius. Read more »

Firefly Wins $2M from Dept. of Defense for Battery Tech: Lead-acid battery developer Firefly said today it has been awarded $2 million in funding by the U.S. Department of Defense to further development of its microcell foam battery manufacturing processes – Press Release. Comverge Secures $25M […] Read more »

Amyris, a synthetic biology startup focused on fuel production opened its first pilot plant in Emeryville, Calif. today. The company plans to use sugarcane to make diesel, jet fuel and gasoline that would be chemically similar to petroleum equivalents. Read more »

Today Oerlikon announced that is has unveiled its newest technology, “Amorph High Performance,” which adds a zinc oxide layer to the cells, boosting efficiency nearly a full percentage while also increasing fab capacity by 50 percent. “More and more you’re going to see an Intel-inside approach to thin-film production,” Chris O’Brien, Oerlikon’s head of market development in North America, tells us. Read more »

Cheap Concentrating Solar Aimed at Developing World: Morgan Solar is developing what it says is a super-cheap concentrating solar system that could be deployed in the developing world – The Star. “The Secret Life of Quercus Trust”: David Gelbaum’s stealthy cleantech fund has funded dozens of […] Read more »

Current state Renewable Portfolio Standards require nearly 40 gigawatts of clean energy by 2030, but in order to deliver that power to customers the total cost of building the necessary transmission and distribution networks could reach $2 trillion, according to an industry report released today. Read more »

Second Rotation, a startup whose online service Gazelle offers a Netflix-style gadget buyback program, said today that it has raised $6 million in second round funds. Gazelle offers cold, hard cash for your old, janky gizmos by selling them on eBay. Read more »

President-elect Barack Obama just held his first post-election press conference and focused on the economy, but it is his forthcoming climate change policies that are spurring the world’s governments and businesses to start reaching out to the next administration. Politicians and business executives are maneuvering to […] Read more »

Dear Mr. Obama, Welcome to Reality: Bill McKibben welcomes president-elect Obama to a reality of meltdowns, both economic and environmental – Guardian. Lasers Smarter Up Wind Turbines: A new fiber-optic laser system can gauge wind gusts up to a kilometer away, allowing a turbine to adapt […] Read more »

Cleantech types are optimistic that an Obama presidency will usher in a new era of hopeful politics and greener energy policies, but what would it mean for the floundering ethanol industry? Critics are already afraid that President-elect Obama will continue with Bush’s so-called failed ethanol policies, […] Read more »

Solar startup Blue Square Energy tells us it’s looking to raise $25 million for its cells which use low-quality, or “upgraded metallurgical grade” (UMG), silicon. By using UMG silicon the company says it can make high-efficiency cells 30 percent cheaper than traditional silicon alternatives. Read more »

The U.S. military is living up to its promise of leading the country in green energy adoption with the Navy’s awarding of a $3 million contract to marine power startup Ocean Power Technologies for ocean testing of an advanced version of the company’s autonomous PowerBuoy. Read more »

Missouri Gets Renewable Portfolio Standard: Missourians voted to create a renewable portfolio standard, making Missouri the 25th state to do so. The news RPS requires 15 percent of the state’s electricity to come from renewable sources by 2021. It’s a little low a little late, but […] Read more »

Californian’s have rejected propositions 7 and 10 which would have increased renewable energy targets and given incentives for alternative fuel vehicles, respectively. Meanwhile, the prospect of a high-speed train is getting stronger as prop 1A leads with more results still coming in. Read more »

Schwarzenegger as Obama’s Energy Czar?: It’s too early to call the polls yet, but not too early to speculate if Republican California Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger would serve as Obama’s Energy Secretary. Schwarzenegger’s energy policy’s are closer to Obama’s than McCain’s – WSJ’s Environmental Capital. What’s A […] Read more »

Atlanta-based Suniva said today it has started fabricating its first line of solar cells at its Norcross, Ga. facility. Current capacity is 32 megawatts but Suniva plans to increase that to 175 megawatts by 2010. Read more »

Tesla may have announced lay offs and was unable to raise a planned $100 million financing, but the electric car startup is still facing hurdles. Today Fisker Automotive issued a release saying that an independent arbitration between the two competing Silicon Valley-backed electric car makers has […] Read more »

EnerG2 Raises $8.5M for Nanomaterials: Seattle-based startup EnergG2 has raised $8.5 million in Series A financing for its work developing nanomaterials that could be used for natural gas storage, hydrogen storage, more efficient solar cells, and even “ultracapacitors.” The round was led by OVP Venture Partners […] Read more »

On the eve of election day, the debate on clean coal vs. no coal has reared its head again, injecting back into the campaign anxiety over what a cap-and-trade program will mean for America’s huge coal industry. Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, campaigning along the Ohio-West […] Read more »

Regulators are preparing to draft rules for the development of offshore wind projects in the Great Lakes, even though no official projects have been proposed just yet. Cuyahoga County in Ohio is spending $1 million on an offshore wind task force to create a feasibility study […] Read more »

While we’re still waiting for wider validation of BlackLight Power’s purportedly physics-defying fuel cell, in the mean time we’ll have to settle for a video of the independent validation that BlackLight has already announced. BlackLight has created a video of the Rowan University researchers who concluded […] Read more »

The count down to election day ticks on and this week we saw a number of political figures taking time to check out cleantech projects, if only for a photo opp. In case the flashbulbs had you in a daze, here are the big clentech headlines […] Read more »

The debris from Hurricane Ike, a depleted oil field and some biomass power expertise could soon start delivering clean power to the city of Houston, which is still recovering from the third-most destructive hurricane to hit the U.S. Biofuels Power Corp. signed an agreement today to […] Read more »

Duke Energy Carolinas and Progress Energy, two major utilities in the Southeast, have partnered to test a fleet of smart-charging plug-in electric Priuses in what they say will be the country’s first interstate electric car-charging scheme involving multiple utilities. Read more »

Time has released its 50 Best Inventions of 2008 list and a full dozen of the spots are occupied by either cleantech startups or energy ideas. From floating data centers to high-flying wind turbines, Time thinks some of the coolest inventions of the year are clean […] Read more »

Wind Companies Get Ethical: Noble Environmental Power and First Wind have both agreed to play by the new rules set by New York Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo. The code of conduct was created following an investigation into bribery and intimidation on the part of wind […] Read more »

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