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Israel is quickly becoming a hotspot for mobile innovation. Today, 15 of Israel’s new mobile startups strutted their stuff in front of an audience of American investors and tech industry leaders at the Microsoft Campus in Mountain View. Here are four to watch. Read more »


While the world might never know exactly how Google makes its hiring decisions, former CEO Eric Schmidt gave a little more insight into the process during a recent McKinsey conference in Washington D.C. Schmidt expressed the company’s preference for employees that don’t need much managing. Read more »

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An ex-Facebooker is looking to clip the multi-billion-dollar, daily-deals industry where it hurts by *gasp* putting local businesses back in control of their own discount destiny. Groupon and assorted clones, meet thruSocial: the first “self-serve” media advertising and deals platform for consumer businesses. Read more »


The word is that once upon a time, eBay’s PayPal tried to buy Jack Dorsey’s Square. Today, the company announced that it is buying small Boston-based mobile-payment startup Fig Card. It seems the upstart and the incumbent are on a collision course. Read more »

Investing Panel: Paul Kedrosky and Nat Goldhaber, Claremont Creek Ventures, Kevin Skillern, GE Energy Financial Services, and Ashu Garg, Foundation Capital, at Green:Net 2011

When it comes to clean-energy investing 2.0, venture capitalists are beyond looking for the silver bullet — or the magic battery –- they spent the last decade hunting and hoping for. Today, VCs are more likely to invest their dollars in slightly less ambitious energy-efficiency projects. Read more »

Cleantech Investing Panel: Adam Grosser and Cathy Zoi, Silver Lake Kraftwerk, at Green:Net 2011

The rumors buzzing around venture capital circles are true: greentech has been bulking up in the off-season and is primed for a wildly successful sophomore season. Adam Grosser and Cathy Zoi of Silver Lake Kraftwerk told the Green:Net audience how they are now looking at investments. Read more »

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E la Carte

Friends were skeptical when E la Carte founder Rajat Suri dropped out of MIT to become a waiter — for research. Two years, later, his startup seeks to tame the “chaotic environment” of a restaurant with features designed to streamline tasks for customers and staff. Read more »


Big money deals are back in style. Venture firms dropped nearly $5.9 billion on 736 deals during the first quarter of 2011. Fourteen companies got at least $50 million, while four drew more than $100 million – numbers not seen since the third quarter of 2001. Read more »

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