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Formspring CEO Ade Olonoh has hit a major milestone in its relatively short lifespan. The 18-month-old San Francisco-based startup, which allows users to create profile pages on which anonymous people can ask them questions, now has 25 million registered users. Read more »

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Foursquare has raised $50 million in a new funding round led by venture capital firm Andreessen-Horowitz, bringing Foursquare’s total venture capital investment to just over $70 million. The new backing will certainly come in handy as Foursquare works to keep its own edge in a growing space. Read more »

James Urquhart (Cisco), Luke Kanies (Puppet Labs ), Jesse Robbins (Opscode) - Structure 2011

Cloud computing technologies have helped remove many of the intrinsic barriers programmers used to encounter when developing, deploying and scaling software applications. Now, the biggest hurdles developers often face are human: their own corporate IT teams. That’s the problem DevOps aims to solve. Read more »

Reed Hastings

Facebook announced Thursday it has added Reed Hastings, the chairman and CEO of Netflix, to its board of directors. The addition of Hastings to Facebook’s boardroom is the latest signal of the Palo Alto, California-based social networking giant’s growing focus on the entertainment industry. Read more »

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Jonathan Heiliger (Facebook), Sid Anand (Netflix), Claus Moldt (Salesforce), Jacob Rosenberg (Comcast), Kevin Scott (LinkedIn) - Structure 2011" src="" alt="Jonathan Heiliger (Facebook), Sid Anand (Netflix), Claus Moldt (Salesforce), Jacob Rosenberg (Comcast), Kevin Scott (LinkedIn) - Structure 2011

The old days of securing information with virtual barbed-wire fences are over. Today, security aspects have to be incorporated into software applications from the ground floor to ensure safety. And whether an application is hosted in the cloud or on a native server is almost moot. Read more »

Satya Nadella - President, Server and Tools Business, Microsoft - Structure 2011

It would be understandable for people to view Microsoft Azure, the company’s enterprise cloud hosting service, as a direct competitive play. After all, the product was launched in February 2010, well after Microsoft’s fellow software giants Amazon and Google had positioned themselves in the cloud computing […] Read more »


Pinger, a San Jose, Calif.-based startup that initially dealt in web-based voice messaging, has launched a free service for sending texts over a web browser. The new feature, dubbed Textfree Web, could well bridge the gap between traditional SMS and the quickly growing mobile messaging market. Read more »

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Wildfire Interactive has had solid success with its flagship product, CEO Victoria Ransom tells me. Since the company’s public launch two years ago, Wildfire has attracted big name clients, grown its staff, and become profitable. But the Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup isn’t resting on its laurels. Read more »

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It looks like rumors of display advertising’s death were greatly exaggerated. Nearly all the tech industry’s largest players are expected to report growth in their display ad businesses for 2011, with Facebook leading the pack. Why are display and banner ads on the upswing? Read more »


UPDATED. Spotify, the European on-demand music service, has closed on about $100 million in a new funding round from DST, Kleiner Perkins and Accel Partners that values the company at $1 billion. The fresh funding will be put toward Spotify’s highly anticipated US launch. Read more »


Lot18, the membership-only daily deals website for high end wine, is set to expand into three new product categories: food, epicurean travel, and spirits. Lot18 will start rolling out the new verticals, starting with food, within the next several weeks, CEO Philip James tells me. Read more »

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photo: Yuichi.Sakuraba

WayIn is a new startup being developed by Sun Microsystems’ co-founder Scott McNealy. But so far, the tech industry veteran is going about WayIn’s launch in a slightly unexpected way: entirely over Twitter. On Wednesday, McNealy took to Twitter to answer questions about his new company. Read more »


In the web’s most popular marketplaces, such as eBay and Craigslist, anonymity is still the norm. A new San Francisco-based startup called Copious is looking to change that. Copious has built an online marketplace in which all buyers and sellers are linked to their Facebook identities. Read more »

Mobile Traffic Growth Chart

The power balance between desktop computers and mobile devices has finally shifted. Google debuted improvements to its web search that show an increased prioritization of the mobile experience. Two of the three features make desktop search like mobile and the other is made for mobile. Read more »


The “uncanny valley”– the quality of an animation or robot looking close to, but not exactly like, real life — may be set to get even smaller. MIT researchers have developed new computing techniques for reproducing the slight natural blur of moving objects in animation. Read more »

A Postagram postcard

Postagram is a product with a huge potential for mass appeal. While the product launched on Instagram, which is popular with an influential set of early adopters, with Postagram for Android, the company’s product is now accessible to a much wider audience. Read more »

Amit Avner, CEO, Taykey

Online advertising platform startup Taykey officially launched out of stealth mode Thursday with the announcement of a $9 million funding round led by Sequoia Capital. The round officially serves as the two-year-old company’s series B funding and brings Taykey’s total investment to $11 million. Read more »

facebook facial recognition

Another week, another Facebook privacy firestorm. The Palo Alto, Calif.-based social networking giant has come under fire for potentially violating user privacy by turning on facial recognition technology worldwide. Here’s a look at some of the things people around the web are saying about the issue. Read more »


World IPv6 Day, a 24-hour test of the new version of the Internet address protocol IPv6, is slated to begin on Wednesday June 8th at midnight UTC. With Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and many others participating, how will the Internet handle the big test? Read more »

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UberMedia, the independent maker of apps for Twitter, continues to go Hollywood. On Tuesday, the company launched Uber50 for iPhone, a customized UberSocial iPhone app designed by rapper 50 Cent. Celebrity endorsements are an age-old marketing strategy, but not typically for tech companies. Read more »


Apple’s WWDC keynote address, to be presented by Steve Jobs and other Apple executives, kicks off at 10 AM PDT. We’ll be liveblogging the presentation for you right here, so you can stay on top of Apple’s exciting new software announcements as they unfold. Read more »


Google’s acquisition of social analytics technology startup PostRank indicates the company is also looking beyond its own walls to get its social efforts off the ground. Scouting for fresh talent externally is a smart move for Google, an aging player in an increasingly cutthroat industry. Read more »

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