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Venture capital investments continued to grow at a rapid clip during Q2 2011, with investments in Internet-specific companies rising to the highest quarterly level since 2001. But some industry experts are saying that the current level of VC activity may be unsustainable. Read more »


Zillow, the real estate search website, has priced its initial public offering at $20 per share. The stock will begin trading under the single-letter ticker symbol “Z” on the Nasdaq exchange on Wednesday morning. Zillow will raise a total of about $75 million in the IPO. Read more »

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At nearly ten years old, web discovery engine company StumbleUpon is certainly well past the point where websites can attract users by being a new and hot trend. But the San Francisco-based company has proven that slow and steady growth can still lead to success. Read more »


Our collective addiction to smartphones translates into some big money for the consumer electronics industry. According to the Consumer Electronics Association, the industry is on track to surpass $190 billion in overall shipment revenues this year, and a primary driver of that growth will be smartphones. Read more »

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When it comes to the social networking crowd, sex apparently sells. Victoria’s Secret ended June as the top retailer on Facebook with more than 14.3 million fans, according to the latest data from e-commerce software provider ChannelAdvisor. Walmart, the world’s top corporation by revenue, ranks fourth. Read more »

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Astrid is best known for making a popular web and mobile app that allows users to create to-do lists with social features. But with a new batch of funding from Google Ventures and others, the San Francisco-based startup has a much bigger picture in mind. Read more »


UPDATED. Spotify U.S. is now in T-minus territory. A spokesperson for Spotify has confirmed that the popular European on-demand music streaming service will be available stateside on Thursday morning. GigaOM reported last month that Spotify’s U.S. launch would occur in mid-July. Read more »


If you’re curious about the technology behind Google+, you’re in luck. The project’s technical lead, Google engineer Joseph Smarr, is currently hosting an online question and answer session about the service, sharing details about the social platform’s development, technology, and plans for the future. Read more »


Underneath Twitter’s fun and trendy public image, the data streamed through the microblogging service is apparently worth some big bucks. DataSift, one of only two companies authorized to re-syndicate Twitter’s content using its “firehose,” on Monday announced a $6 million venture capital funding round. Read more »

handing over money

Much is being made lately of a potential new bubble forming in the tech industry. But some say things aren’t quite as frothy as they’re being made out to be. Many of today’s most well-funded startups may soon find themselves without necessary second round investors. Read more »

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Netvibes, the San Francisco-based startup that allows people and brands to create personalized RSS feed dashboards, has added social analytics capabilities to its web content monitoring platform. But can the company hold its own in today’s world of hyper-funded and hungry social media analytics startups? Read more »

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It looks like Zynga is polishing up the proverbial silver in the run-up to its planned IPO. The social gaming company has launched “PrivacyVille,” a new game-like tutorial that rewards users with zPoints, Zynga’s virtual currency, for learning more about the company’s privacy practices. Read more »


If you think people are over-sharing on the Internet today, brace yourself, says Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. As the sharing booms, so will the online data. And Facebook plans to build more of its own data centers to deal with the coming data boom. Read more » homepage feature

The team behind has made a new e-commerce site aimed at the other baby in the American household: the family pet. Quidsi, which is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of, is announcing Wednesday the launch of, an e-commerce site selling pet-related products. Read more »


Twitter announced Tuesday it has acquired BackType, an analytics platform aimed at helping companies and brands gauge their social media impact. The possible rationale for the deal is BackType’s Storm real-time big data processing platform that could help Twitter offer well-defined analytics. Read more »

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With all the great languages, databases and cloud hosting options available, now is a great time to be a software programmers. But that same variety makes it very difficult to be the IT manager tasked with configuring applications. That is where PaaS startup DotCloud comes in. Read more »

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Zynga has shown a notable uptick in acquisitions in recent months. But although much has been made of the volume and frequency of Zynga’s M&A activity, the S-1 Zynga filed Friday for its planned IPO revealed exactly how savvy it has been in making those deals. Read more »

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Is Facebook’s long-awaited iPad application finally set to launch? Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly said the company plans to “launch something awesome” next week. The new product was developed entirely at Facebook’s Seattle office, the company’s only engineering outfit outside of its Silicon Valley headquarters. Read more »


Amazon is taking its sales tax war to one of the biggest arenas of all: California. Amazon warned that it will shut down its Amazon Associates Program for California-based participants if the state passes a proposed bill that would impose new taxes on online retail sales. Read more »


Twitter co-founder Biz Stone is stepping away from the site’s day-to-day operations. While many folks in the industry have seen this coming for months, the news has still raised eyebrows. But Stone is not the first person to step away from a company he helped start. Read more »

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Apture, the San Francisco-based startup, has made a very useful addition to its “contextual exploration engine” technology with a new feature called “HotSpots” that automatically creates new visible hyperlinks within online content based on what readers are likely to want to know more about. Read more »

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