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The recent volatility in the stock market has had strong effects on many publicly traded companies, and private firms aren’t exactly eager to join their ranks. Five of the 12 companies expected to price IPOs this week have decided to postpone their public market debuts. Read more »

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The stock market’s ongoing sell-off has many people wondering whether the wave of tech company initial public offerings will soon sputter to a stop. But some financial industry experts say the current market volatility does not necessarily mean that the IPO window is closed. Read more »


Okta, a startup that makes identity and access management software for enterprises, has closed $16.5 million in new funding. Okta’s software enables multiple people within an enterprise to sign in to the company’s web-based applications, whether they’re in the cloud or behind a firewall. Read more »

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Get Satisfaction, the company that builds web-based community support tools, has closed on $10 million in series B funding. This round brings the company’s total venture capital investment to $21 million. The San Francisco-based company will put the money toward growth, CEO Wendy Lea says. Read more »

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Inkling, the digital textbook software startup, has closed on $17 million in new funding to expand its software for converting college textbooks for use on the iPad. Inkling CEO Matt MacInnis says the money will be put toward meeting the “effectively unlimited demand” for its platform. Read more »

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Janrain, the Portland, Oregon-based software-as-a-service company, has closed on $15.5 million in funding. Janrain, which makes a social log-in platform, plans to put the money toward general growth initiatives such as hiring and product development, CEO Larry Drebes said in an interview. Read more »


Zynga is bringing its popular Scrabble-esque mobile game Words With Friends to Facebook, the company announced Monday. This represents the first time that Zynga has extended a mobile-only game to Facebook — showing that despite its diversification efforts, Zynga’s dependence on the social network remains strong. Read more »

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As millions of Americans grapple with unemployment, many technology companies are actually desperate to hire new people. Folks with skills such as software and web development are in high demand nowadays, especially in Silicon Valley. And startups are going to great lengths to lure them in. Read more »

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It’s often said that the rise of mobile devices means that people are now “always on.” But it turns out there are still times when people are more “plugged in” than others. A new study about how — and when — people really use mobile apps. Read more »


Yelp has hired Rob Krolik to serve as its chief financial officer. Krolik’s resume includes time as the CFO of where he led the company through its IPO. Yelp CEO and co-founder Jeremy Stoppelman said Krolik’s public market savvy was key in his hiring. Read more »

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Some people just seem to have “it” — that spark that makes them seem like they have an inside track on everything and everyone worth knowing. There’s no question that, in the technology industry, Oracle co-founder and CEO Larry Ellison is one of those people. Read more »

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LinkedIn has launched a plug-in that allows companies to place an “Apply with LinkedIn” button on their jobs web pages, enabling people to use their LinkedIn profiles as résumés. GigaOM was the first to report on the development of the “Apply with LinkedIn” plug-in in June. Read more »

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The tech industry’s movers and shakers have been saying for months now that the HTML5 mark-up language is very important. New research data released Friday indicates that HTML5 is not just going to be big, it’s going to be huge — and it’s coming fast. Read more »


If you want to reach the Millennial generation, it’s probably a good idea to use the Internet. But according to new research from MTV, companies run the risk of alienating their target audience if they go about social media marketing in the wrong way. Read more »


When most people think about Google and Facebook, they think about California’s Silicon Valley. But according to newly filed disclosure documents, the tech industry’s titans are spending increasing amounts of time and money making their voices heard in Washington, D.C. Are they crossing the line? Read more »


It’s been clear for years now that cloud storage technology is hot — even Amazon, Google and Apple have made big moves into the area. But judging by the latest funding news out of storage startup CX, heavyweight investors are still bullish about newcomers to the space. Read more »

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Real estate listing site Zillow received a warm welcome from public market investors after its IPO Wednesday morning. Zillow’s stock hit the market at $57 per share, more than double its $20 IPO price. But the stock proved volatile within a few hours of trading. Read more »

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