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Twitter has acquired Julpan, a New York City-based startup that analyzes real-time data collected from blogs, Tweets, status updates and news sources. It’s just the latest in a series of moves Twitter’s made to better analyze the huge amounts of data that flow through its service. Read more »

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6waves Lolapps, the newly-merged company that develops and publishes games for Facebook and other social networks, has launched a $10 million fund to invest in independent game developers. The 6L Fund is part of 6waves Lolapps’ play to become the”clear number two” to Zynga. Read more »

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Everyone’s favorite social network, Facebook, is getting even more personal, announcing that starting late Tuesday it will begin calibrating how it presents its News Feed feature based on how often a user signs into Facebook. That will more accurately highlight the most important news users missed. Read more »

TrustYou CEO Benjamin Jost

TrustYou, a Munich-based startup that makes semantic search technology for categorizing online reviews, has taken on $5 million in Series A funding to fuel its U.S. growth. The company has already put a significant portion of the funding round toward acquiring ReviewAnalyst, its Texas-based rival. Read more »

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Kids love toys. But the sheer number of toys and games continuously coming out on the market can make toy shopping a big drag for grownups. is launching a new site called YoYo aimed at making the toy shopping experience a bit less overwhelming. Read more »

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News Corporation has named Accel Partners’ Jim Breyer to its board of directors.The 50-year-old Breyer, a Silicon Valley venture capital veteran known for making early bets on AOL and Facebook, could bring some much-needed digital savvy to the New York City-based media behemoth. Read more »


Earlier this week Yelp said it was revising its daily deals strategy after encountering some “real challenges” in the space. According to new data from daily deals analysis firm Yipit, those challenges were indeed severe — and they may not be unique to just Yelp. Read more »

Seesmic CEO Loic Le Meur

Seesmic, the company best known for making consumer-facing social networking apps, has shifted its strategy for the second time in its four-year history, this time to focus on building mobile apps for the enterprise. Can the third iteration of Seesmic finally bring the company success? Read more »

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On Friday, Delicious founder Joshua Schachter’s Tasty Labs announced its first product to the public: Essentially, Jig allows people to post questions about anything they need — there are no categories yet, just one big stream — and allow anyone out there to answer them. Read more »

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Ness has launched its debut iOS app, a “personal search engine” that aims to provide highly personalized restaurant recommendations. Essentially it’s like a Pandora for restaurants: From the start it’s almost creepily accurate with its recommendations, and the more you use it, the better it gets. Read more »


Exclusive: Group Commerce, a New York City-based company that sells a software platform to let publishers host their own daily deal applications, has acquired geo-location startup Socialight. The Socialight team and technology will be put toward fleshing out Group Commerce’s mobile strategy, said CEO Jonty Kelt. Read more »

HP CEO Leo Apotheker

Hewlett-Packard plans to spend some $10.25 billion to acquire Autonomy, the United Kingdom–based software and services company. HP’s balance sheet currently has $13 billion in cash. Why is the company making such a big bet? According to HP’s CEO, Leo Apotheker, it’s now or never. Read more »


Evernote, the notetaking software program aimed at helping users “remember everything,” has acquired image-sharing app Skitch. The full version of Skitch previously cost $19.99 in the Mac store, but will be free and soon available on “every desktop and mobile platform under the sun.” Read more »


Social gaming giant Zynga is the subject of a new patent infringement lawsuit, the latest in a string of such claims. Now that Zynga is under a microscope as it moves toward an IPO, will its legal troubles be too much for potential investors to handle? Read more »


Zimride, the startup that allows people to arrange shared car rides together, has been doing quite well with semi-private, paid networks since its 2007 launch. Now, the company is set to reach a much bigger audience with its first public platform and an in-app payment system. Read more »

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Proving that virtual currency can be worth a good amount of real-life cash, social stock market Empire Avenue has landed $1.2 million in funding. Empire Avenue serves a unique and somewhat controversial purpose: It’s a stock market that puts a price on people instead of companies. Read more »

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Foursquare and Yelp are moving into more direct competition, feature by feature. On Monday, Foursquare launched a new feature that allows users to create lists of the places they’ve checked into or plan to visit, bringing it further into the review and recommendation space. Read more »


After months of legal wrangling, Cablevision and Viacom announced Wednesday they are putting their differences aside. The two companies have reached an agreement to resolve their litigation regarding Cablevision’s Optimum App iPad application. No financial terms of the settlement have been disclosed. Read more »

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