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500px, the photo sharing website beloved by photography professionals and highly skilled hobbyists, debuted a new iPad app over the weekend. And at just three days old, the new app is already experiencing growth that’s downright jaw-dropping. Overall, 500px has had a major growth spurt recently. Read more »


Zynga has revealed more details about the upcoming initial public offering (IPO) of its stock. In a revised S-1 filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission, the social gaming company said it will list its shares on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the four-letter ticker “ZNGA.” Read more »

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TaskRabbit, the website that allows people to outsource errands and other jobs, has appointed Eric Grosse as its new CEO, the company announced Wednesday. Grosse will bring some proverbial grey hair to the San Francisco startup, replacing TaskRabbit founder Leah Busque in the chief executive position. Read more »

facebook ipad 1

On Monday the social networking company debuted its long-awaited native application for the iPad, capping off months of speculation of the whens and hows of a potential launch. The app has a few features made especially for the iPad experience, particularly when browsing photos. Read more »

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Facebook has acquired, a startup that makes a Facebook app for asking and answering questions with your friends. Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed. was founded in 2010 and has reportedly raised $5 million in venture capital to date. Read more »


An Android version of Trover, the snappy mobile app aimed at letting travelers share photos of their off-the-beaten-path discoveries, is now available. For a social app like Trover, which is only as good as the content its users contribute, expanding to Android is key. Read more »

Gallium Nitride-on-diamond wafer technology

Can diamonds be a geek’s best friend? De Beers, the global diamond conglomerate, thinks so. Element Six, a De Beers subsidiary focused on manufacturing synthetic diamonds, has opened a new venture capital office in Silicon Valley to “proselytize” the use of diamond material in tech. Read more »


Reports of the death of Groupon’s IPO plans have apparently been greatly exaggerated. The online daily deals pioneer filed an updated version of its S-1 document with the SEC Friday, as part of its preparation for an initial public offering of its stock. Read more »


LinkedIn has finally started spending some of that cash it raised in its May 9 stock market debut. But given the company’s $7.3 billion market cap, its first post-IPO acquisition — of husband-and-wife startup “Connected” — is not quite as splashy as some might have expected. Read more »


New data out of eMarketer shows that mobile advertising is finally starting to attract the respect — and the money — it deserves. Advertisers will likely spend $1.23 billion on U.S. mobile ads this year, the first time the industry’s annual revenues have surpassed $1 billion. Read more »


Quora, the crowdsourced question-and-answer website, has come a long way in the 15 months since it launched to the public. Quora says it has fostered that growth mostly just by getting out of the way, letting people be themselves — their whole selves. Read more »


Hipmunk, the San Francisco-based travel search startup, has finally brought its travel search application to the Android operating system. Hipmunk for Android, which for now only facilitates flight searches, is impressive because it retains all the slickness of the company’s web and iOS offerings. Read more »


If one thing became clear at this year’s GigaOM Mobilize conference, it’s that all the buzz about mobile technology is completely warranted. Since numbers speak louder than words, here are some of the most interesting stats that surfaced on stage at Mobilize 2011. Read more »

Jonathan Marino of, Maha Ibrahim of Canaan Partners, and Matt Murphy of KPCB at Mobilize 2011.

Individual seed investors have been an increasingly powerful force in Silicon Valley’s startup funding landscape. But some venture capital heavyweights say that while the VC industry has been shaken up by the increase of seed backers, the current environment will likely lead to a fall. Read more »

Craig Barratt of Qualcomm Atheros at Mobilize 2011

It seems like the concept of “the connected home” has been a hot topic forever. For most of us, it has remained in the realm of our imaginations. But according to Qualcomm Atheros’ Craig Barratt, connectedness everywhere is closer than ever to becoming a reality. Read more »

Localmind presents at Mobilize 2011

At GigaOM’s Mobilize LaunchPad on Monday, 10 different startups presented in front of a panel of VCs. The companies showed innovative ideas from across the mobile spectrum, from chips to apps to mobile health devices, but the judges and audience both agreed on the winner. Read more »

Plant growing

While green startups may have gone through some tough times recently, LinkedIn has seen a major uptick in members who work for small businesses in the industry. From 2009 to 2011, “renewables and environment” was the fastest growing sector within the small business landscape on LinkedIn. Read more »

Screenshot of Stipple Marketplace (click to enlarge)

San Francisco startup Stipple wants to change the way online photo licensing works in a big way. Stipple’s image licensing service pays websites to publish photos, rather than charging publishers fees — inverting the business model used by services like Getty Images. But will it work? Read more »

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