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The news of Osama bin Laden’s death that broke late Sunday evening has proved to be a cause for jubilant celebration, somber reflection, detailed analysis … and thousands of jokes on Twitter. Most of the bon mots fall into a few categories, which we’ve rounded up here. Read more »

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Yahoo Mail is down for a sizable chunk of users and the company is working to fix the outage. This is another black mark against the company, which has seen its revenue slide, is selling off beloved web properties and is generally struggling to remain relevant. Read more »


Keepsy, the Menlo Park, Calif.-based startup, has launched its first product, “Instant Album,” a way to order physical scrapbooks made from Instagram photo albums. Keepsy’s just the latest in a spate of new startups focused on preserving what people publish online in a more tangible format. Read more »


Skype, the web’s telephone and video chat pioneer, has seen a lot since its inception eight years ago. But it’s real legacy is its people. The well-connected network of alums reads like a Silicon Valley who’s who. Read more »

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Cell Phone and EV Panel: Edward Pleet, Ford Motor Company, and Nick Pudar, OnStar, at Green:Net 2011

The electric car has encountered a number of hurdles in its ongoing path to the mainstream, and they haven’t all been technical. More human challenges, like range anxiety, have served as hindrances in the wide-scale consumer adoption of electric vehicles (EVs.) As big carmakers move more […] Read more »


Memolane, the social media aggregation startup, has launched an embeddable version of its social web activity timelines. Memolane, which pools together a user’s various social web identities from sites like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Blogger into one searchable timeline, launched in public beta last month. Read more »


Xobni co-founder Matt Brezina is back in the startup game with the launch of Sincerely, aimed at making it easy to print photos taken with mobile phones. Postagram, Sincerely’s first product, prints and sends postcards made from Instagram photos for 99 cents. Read more »

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