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The summer of 2011 is shaping up to be the season of the tech IPO, and according to a report published today by Bloomberg, Zynga is next in line for a stock market debut. The company is reportedly looking to file its S-1 by month’s end. Read more »

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LinkedIn is preparing to launch a plug-in for employers’ websites called “Apply With LinkedIn” that will allow job candidates to apply for available positions with their LinkedIn profiles. “Apply With LinkedIn” is slated to launch later this month, according to a source briefed on the feature. Read more »

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Airbnb, the peer-to-peer apartment and house rental website, is rumored to be raising $100 million in new funding at a whopping $1 billion valuation. But based on the company’s revenue and growth prospects, that number may not be as shocking as it seems. Read more »

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Gamification startup Badgeville expects to book $10 million in sales for 2011, its first year in business, according to CEO Kris Duggan. He claims that being the new kid on the gamification block is an asset. “We’ve built this over last year with modern approaches.” Read more »

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When teenage country singer Scotty McCreery won American Idol Tuesday night, it took lots of people by surprise — but the folks at Seattle-based startup Likester weren’t among them. That’s because Likester predicted that McCreery would win Season 10 of American Idol back on April 13th. Read more »

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Resilient Network Systems, a San Francisco-based security and networking startup targeted at healthcare industry, has secured more than $5 million in Series A funding. Resilient’s technology is targeted at enabling the transfer of health records and other related information safely and securely over the Internet. Read more »


Twitter officially confirmed its long-rumored acquisition of TweetDeck on Wednesday morning. Twitter/TweetDeck rumors have been flying around for weeks now, so lots of folks have had time to form opinions about the tie-up. Here are some of the more interesting takes on the situation. Read more »

The net neutrality debate will never die.

We’re hearing that Cisco is shutting down Eos, a social publishing platform aimed at media and entertainment companies, as part of its ongoing restructuring efforts. While Eos was by all accounts a cool service, shuttering it is a smart move from a strategic perspective. Read more »


Mark Zuckerberg gets a lot of attention for founding Facebook, but if it were up to him, his employees would be joining him on more of the magazine covers. At a recent conference, Zuckerberg said lavishing credit on a successful company’s founder is a big mistake. Read more »

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Depending on who you ask, social stock market Empire Avenue is either an empowering personal branding tool or another sign of the downfall of modern society. But according to the startup’s CEO, the company is based on a much deeper philosophy than meets the eye. Read more »


Silicon Valley is abuzz once again with “bubble” talk, claiming that the tech industry is ripe for a big fall. But the latest bubble warnings miss the mark. Overall, a healthy amount of the companies that make up the web scene today are built to last. Read more »


In recent months, 500px has become the new favorite site of a lot of Flickr “power users.” What’s especially remarkable is that the company, which is bootstrapped and currently has just four full-time employees, has attracted all this growth purely through word-of-mouth. Read more »

Steve Case

I sat down with Case on Friday at the TiE Silicon Valley conference to discuss how he’s advocating for entrepreneur-friendly policies at a governmental level. Entrepreneurs, meanwhile, should focus on building companies they’re passionate about, rather than looking for a money-making “quick flip,” he said. Read more »

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Shutterfly CEO Jeff Housenbold is aware of new photo sharing and printing startups like Instagram, Sincerely, and Keepsy. But according to him, new competition from “three kids in a garage with $3 million in venture funding” doesn’t exactly keep him up at night. Read more »


Google distributed some 5,000 Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablets to attendees of the sold-out Google I/O 2011 developer conference, and GigaOM was in the house for the freebie. Since the device won’t debut publicly until June 8th, we filmed our hands-on unboxing of the new Tab. Read more »


Photobucket wants to reclaim a spot at the top of the crowded photo and video sharing space, and it’s prepared to open its wallet to do so. The company is actively looking at potential acquisition targets, CEO Tom Munro told me in an interview this week. Read more »

TaskRabbit founder Leah Busque

TaskRabbit has raised $5 million in a Series A funding round led by Shasta Ventures. The three-year-old startup, which currently brokers tasks in San Francisco and Boston, will use the money to expand its reach to other metro areas nationwide. Read more »

LachlanDonald 99Designs

99Designs acquired a devoted customer base, logged millions in annual revenue, and achieved profitable operations without taking on a dime of venture capital. I sat down with employee number one and CTO Lachlan Donald to find out how the company bootstrapped its way to profitability. Read more »

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