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Better. Faster. Easier. That marketing speak from Apple about Snow Leopard can now add: Updated. Two weeks after “the world’s most advanced OS” debuted, the world’s most advanced update is out. At a slim 75MB, 10.6.1 offers the usual stability and compatibility improvements, as well as […] Read more »

At the Apple Event today, Steve Jobs and company unveiled the fall lineup of iPods. The biggest change was the iPod nano, but every iPod got a little bit of love, be it increased capacity or decreased price. iPod touch: The new “magic price point” of […] Read more »

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Hours before the “Only Rock and Roll” event takes place in San Francisco, the Apple Store has slashed prices on some the current iPod models. The new numbers are still in the process of being posted, with parts of the Apple Store referencing old prices, but […] Read more »

Conventional rumor wisdom strongly suggested a new iPod touch with a camera would be unveiled at the Apple Event tomorrow, but multiple sources are now suggesting unspecified issues with the camera may at least delay availability. AppleInsider is citing “a person with a strong track record […] Read more »

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple’s Board of Directors will meet Tuesday concerning the vacancy left by Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s departure. Schmidt resigned two weeks ago over potential conflicts of interest between Google and Apple. The Journal is also reporting — really, stating […] Read more »

Three years after the “DVD player for the 21st century” was first introduced by Steve Jobs, the Apple TV still doesn’t actually have a DVD player, and doesn’t actually have much of anything, at least compared to the competition. Apple’s media center device languishes as little […] Read more »

Gartner reports that while mobile phone sales are down in the second quarter of 2009, smartphone sales are up, and the iPhone is way up. While worldwide sales of mobile phones declined six percent to 286 million units for the second quarter, 40 million smartphones were […] Read more »

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Less than a week after sending a letter to Daring Fireball’s John Gruber concerning the application review process at the App Store, Phil Schiller, the senior VP at Apple, is at it again. This time, the recipient of the letter was Panic co-founder Steven Frank. To […] Read more »

Just over a month since Safari 4.0.2 made its way into Software Update, Safari 4.0.3 has arrived for Mac and Windows. The update weighs in at 40.5MB and will require a restart. In addition to the boiler plate “improvements to stability, compatibility and security,” Safari 4.0.3 […] Read more »

The question isn’t whether there will be another Apple event in 2009. The release of Snow Leopard and the introduction of new iPods guarantees that. The real question is whether there will be two events. Not surprisingly, predicting what will happen with Apple has a lot […] Read more »

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster believes the rumored Apple tablet will be much more than a lifestyle product for the presbyopic generation. Instead, Munster expects as many as two million tablets could be sold in 2010, generating an estimated 1.2 billion in revenue. Via Apple 2.0, […] Read more »

More than six years after the iTunes Music Store launched in the U.S., the iTunes Store has finally opened in Mexico. Everything is DRM-free, and most songs are priced at 12 pesos (approximately 91 cents). Albums range from 90 to 170 pesos, and music videos are […] Read more »

If you play Texas Hold ‘Em on the iPhone, you know Jonathan Kromrey, the former games producer at Apple having worked on that title. His new title isn’t a game, but a position, head of Apple Gaming for Namco, producer of 80s’ nostalgia games like PAC-MAN, […] Read more »

Umair Haque, writing for Harvard Business Publishing, posits what Apple’s iPods would cost if they were made in the U.S., and it turns out it’s not as much as you might think. According to Haque, “an American made iPod Classic costs just 23 percent more than […] Read more »

The unofficially official iPhone for China moved a little closer to being real…or at least some nicely faked images were made real and posted at Of course, lending credibility to the pictures, they were later pulled and replaced with a less revealing one. The iPhone […] Read more »

Days after the SMS vulnerability was reported, in which a single character could be used to crash or even take over an iPhone, Apple has released a single-purpose update. The Knowledgebase Article makes it sound as potentially bad as it is. Impact: Receiving a maliciously crafted […] Read more »

AppleInsider reports on Apple’s plodding efforts to fix the biggest problem with the App Store (besides the mercurial and arguably unfair approval process), finding stuff. Through iTunes Connect, the submission service for the App Store, developers may now use keywords totaling 255 characters. “It is important […] Read more »

Days after AppleInsider boldly predicted the launch of an Apple tablet in early 2010, the Financial Times has countered with its own insider information. Apple is “working towards a September launch” for a media tablet, but more importantly and shockingly is who Apple is working with: […] Read more »

Citing “people well-respected for their striking accuracy in Apple’s internal affairs,” AppleInsider has put its mongering reputation on the line by reporting the near-mythical Apple tablet will be unveiled in the first quarter of 2010. According to AppleInsider, the tablet will have a 10″ inch display […] Read more »

Days after releasing an update to iTunes that blocked the Palm Pre from syncing, Apple has ended another dispute concerning iTunes, this time by settling. Last November, Apple began issuing cease-and-desist letters to Odioworks, which runs Bluwiki, a public wiki. In this case, people were publishing […] Read more »

[appreview] title=iBank Mobile image= price=$4.99 url= rating=bronze [/appreview] The developers of iBank, the robust alternative to moribund Quicken for the Mac, have gone mobile with their latest product. With iBank Mobile for the iPhone and iPod touch you can bank on the go, but probably not […] Read more »

Speed, stability, compatibility — that’s the mantra from the Mac Business Unit for SP2, which will be released today at 10:00 a.m. PDT. Besides bug fixes, general improvements include faster launching of applications, as well as better performance within, like scrolling in Word and calculation speed […] Read more »

Depending upon which research firm you believe, preliminary estimates for Mac sales are either down or flat for the second quarter compared to last year. Either way, the netbook, or lack thereof, appears to be the problem for Apple. From the Associated Press, IDC analyst Bob […] Read more »

What Apple fan of small-and-light computing doesn’t remember that Macworld Expo Keynote? The one where, uncovering Apple’s then-latest laptop and holding it aloft, Steve Jobs declared it “the smallest full-featured notebook in the world.” By the self-satisfied smile on his face, you knew Apple was back […] Read more »

[appreview] title=Doom Resurrection image= price=$9.99 url= rating=gold [/appreview] Doom Resurrection is aptly named, the archetypal shooter having risen from the grave for the iPhone and iPod touch. The thing is, though, when the dead return, they never come back the same. You know the story: future, […] Read more »

Via the Quicken Blog, Intuit has announced a February release for the oft-delayed Mac financial software. Intuit spokesperson Scott Gulbransen sought to “clear the air” regarding the rumored demise of Quicken for Mac. In recent days, Intuit had removed information about the formerly named Quicken Financial […] Read more »

Apple has released version 4.0.2 of Safari for both OS X 10.4 and 10.5 (but not Snow Leopard), as well as Windows XP, Vista and 7 beta. The 40MB update is available through Software Update and download via Apple’s web site. The release notes, cryptic as […] Read more »

Pinch Media, an analytics firm for iPhone OS developers, has found evidence of a third-generation iPod touch. An “iPod3,1″ string has been showing up as the version identifier in its online logs, with first- and second-generation identifiers for the touch being “iPod1,1″ and “iPod2,1,” respectively. In […] Read more »

Greenpeace released the 12th edition of its Guide to Greener Electronics today (PDF), with Apple falling somewhere between tangerine and burnt orange. For those who take the rating seriously, Apple scored 4.7 out of 10, unchanged from last time, though the company slipped from 10th to […] Read more »

Following closely on the official release of iPhone OS 3.0, Apple has seeded a developer build of version 3.1, build 7C97D, along with the SDK. The point release appears to be more than bug fixes, too. A number of sites, including Gizmodo, are reporting features like: […] Read more »

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