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The team at Apple sent out an e-mail to registered users today touting new accessibility from Apple mobile devices and more sharing options for all. However, the biggest feature, really the only feature that matter — editing documents — remains missing. Carefully not introduced as […] Read more »


Even though a single iPad hasn’t actually been shipped, that won’t stop the questions over the success of initial orders from being asked. Considering how Apple has positioned the iPad in the product lineup, on par with the Mac, iPod, and iPhone, Steve Jobs better have […] Read more »

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While Tuesdays are known for Apple product launches, today the company announced not a new Mac but a lawsuit over patent infringement related to the iPhone. The target was mobile phone maker HTC, and none other than Steve Jobs was making the accusations. “We can sit […] Read more »


While Apple has yet to sell a single iPad, the device has already challenged the domination of Amazon and the Kindle for e-books, and now periodical and newspapers are experiencing this “iPad Effect” for their business models. At the TED conference, Wired Magazine Editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson […] Read more »

With the advent of Windows Phone Series 7, the highly competitive smartphone market looks to become hyper-competitive in 2010. While more choice is always good for consumers, for developers seeking a return on the investment of time and effort the right platform choice is crucial. Windows […] Read more »


The simple if unsatisfying answer to the question of when to buy a new Mac is when you need one. There’s nothing a Mac bought a year ago can’t do today, and nothing a Mac bought today won’t be able to do a year from now, […] Read more »

A sharp-eyed MacRumors forum member spotted what is either a hoax or the highly inappropriate use of a next-generation MacBook Pro this weekend. Processor and memory benchmarks for a computer identified as “MacBookPro6,1″ were posted at Geekbench, but that model identifier does not currently exist in […] Read more »

Amazon went on the offensive over the weekend in a brief battle with publisher Macmillan, pulling the publisher’s physical and digital titles on Friday from and the Kindle Store. By late Sunday, Macmillan was back and Amazon was beaten. While this is a victory for […] Read more »

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It’s something that was easy to miss, but in talking up the user base for the iPad, Steve Jobs indirectly revealed what many following the company suspect. If the iPod touch has not already become Apple’s best-selling iPhone OS device, it soon will be. Much to […] Read more »

Well, it was almost free of the tablet. On yesterday’s quarterly earnings conference call, when asked about a new product that might have the impact of the Mac, iPod or iPhone, the response from Apple was that it “wouldn’t want to take away your joy of […] Read more »

Earnings for the first fiscal quarter of 2010 were insanely great with Apple selling a record number of Macs, and plenty of iPods and iPhones, too. Of course, part of that comes from adopting new accounting standards, but money is money no matter how you count […] Read more »


Strolling the mall with my wife, I was looking for an excuse to visit the Apple Store, but instead I found a reason: the disappearing desktop. “Where have all the desktops gone?” I asked her pointedly. She looked inside the glass front and pointed. “They’re right […] Read more »


Do you know what tablet computers and jetpacks have in common? It’s not a kerosene-burning jet engine strapped to your back, though Adobe Flash on a MacBook can feel like your pants are on fire. The shared problem is that the present reality of future technologies […] Read more »


Even as the excitement over the tablet reaches seizure-inducing levels among personal technology enthusiasts, Apple flipped on another publicity strobe light with the announcement of 3 billion downloads from its App Store. Apple CEO Steve Jobs was astonished yet ebullient in a press release: “Three billion […] Read more »


AdMob, the mobile advertising network, has released its latest metrics report (PDF), which looks at trends for the year. In 2009, one of those would be 150 percent growth for iPhone OS devices on AdMob’s network, with the greatest growth for the iPhone and iPod touch […] Read more »

UPDATED: I apologize for anyone offended by the initial headline. If you’ll read the Gizmodo article referenced in the first paragraph you’ll see where this headline came from. This article is a response to the absurdity of Gizmodo’s article that implies that Apple uses Nazi-like tactics. […] Read more »


As predicted, Chrome has eclipsed Safari in web browser market share. According to web analytics firm Net Applications, Chrome’s share is now 4.4 percent, just edging out Safari at 4.37 percent. For Apple and Safari users, there is both good and bad news here. The good […] Read more »


In response to a lawsuit filed by Nokia alleging infringement on 10 patents related to wireless standards and technologies, Apple has countersued based on 13 patents of its own. In a short, acerbic press release, Apple General Counsel Bruce Sewell smacked Nokia down, stating that “other […] Read more »


Apple has published the “best” and most popular choices for 2009 at the iTunes Store, and the results are interesting, if not necessarily representative of the world outside the store. In music, the top-selling album, “Only By the Night” by Kings of Leon, was also chosen […] Read more »

A story that began 10 days ago with a blog posting at iPhoneography and a letter to Apple VP Phil Schiller has ended with Apple banning prolific developer Molinker from the App Store. The developer has been charged with review fraud (not to mention poor grammar). […] Read more »


In a 3,000-word analysis of a paradigm shift in personal technology fit for a press release, the New York Times has declared the App Store worthy of buzzword status. Including comments from Apple executives Phil Schiller and Eddy Cue, “Apple’s Game Changer, Downloading Now” is also […] Read more »

CNET is reporting Apple is in an “advanced” stage of talks with music service Lala, according to a pair of sources, one of which asserts that terms have already been agreed upon. If so, such a deal could portend big changes in how the iTunes Store […] Read more »


A chain of evidence shows what may be an as-yet-unreleased iPhone being used outside Apple’s industrial design lab, MacRumors is reporting, but in this case unreleased may not mean new. Whoever has this device in his or her possession apparently rides BART, the light-rail system serving […] Read more »

Ever entertaining—if unreliable—DigiTimes has not one, but two big tablet rumors today. The mythical device (subscription required) has been delayed from early 2010 to the second half of next year, and there will an OLED model. Seriously. According to anonymous sources inside that the electronics supply chain, […] Read more »

Apple previewed its Upper West Side store in New York yesterday. Besides welcoming the media into the company’s latest example of retail minimalism taken to its logical extreme, Apple Senior VP Ron Johnson talked retail. Glass and stone enclose 8,500 square feet of retail space on street […] Read more »

For Q3 2009, Apple’s iPhone accounted for 17.1 percent of worldwide smartphone marketshare, a new high for the company. That’s the good news from Gartner, and there’s more where that came from. While overall mobile phone sales were flat for the quarter, smartphone sales were up […] Read more »

Safari version 4.0.4 is now available, the 30MB update promising improvements to “performance, stability, and security.” Regarding security, the update addresses several potential “maliciously crafted” attacks–are there such things as benevolently crafted attacks? One uses a color profile, which is inventive, if evil. Others use XML, […] Read more »

Microsoft issued updates for Office 2004 and 2008 covering security issues for both versions, as well as an XML conversion tool. The Office 2008 update also includes a number of minor fixes to enhance stability. Regarding security, both updates address vulnerabilities “that an attacker can use […] Read more »

After heavy promotion, including a little negative advertising, Verizon launched the Droid over the weekend, and two days later the first sales estimates are in: 100,000. Speaking with Bloomberg, Analyst Mark McKechnie of Broadpoint AmTech thinks that’s pretty good. Noting that Verizon had 200,000 Droids on […] Read more »

Even as Verizon continues attacking AT&T’s comparatively poor network with new ads, and by proxy the iPhone, the latest rumor has Apple developing a “worldmode” iPhone capable of running on any network. The three holiday-themed ads, “Blue Christmas,” “Elves,” and “Misfit Toys,” each highlight the weakness of […] Read more »

Ten days after updating the Apple TV’s software to version 3.0, Apple has released version 3.0.1 along with an alarming warning about users’ content “temporarily” disappearing. From the uninformative and unintentionally hilarious support document, if you are running Apple TV 3.0 and “all of your movies, […] Read more »

Seeking to better manage the holiday deluge of visitors to Apple retail outlets, the company is now offering customers the option of ordering online and picking up purchases at their local store. According to the new webpage, you can reserve an item “online today and it […] Read more »

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