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With record revenue, profits, and products sold, Apple today posted the holiday quarter results to beat all holiday quarters, at least until next year. Total revenue topped $26 billion, besting the closest quarter on record by more than $10 billion. Read more »

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If you acquire television shows from sources other than the iTunes Store for enjoyment on your iOS device, some of that enjoyment may be frustrated by a bug that inexplicably missorts shows and episodes. Luckily, the fix is simple, if a little illogical. Read more »


Confirmed last month by Fortune and the Wall Street Journal, the Verizon iPhone is already impacting competitor sales without actually being sold. Now reports of component suppliers taking orders for CDMA iPhone have now surfaced, driving iPhone sales expectations for next year even higher. Read more »

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In response to complaints about MobileMe, the latest terse Steve-mail asserts Apple’s cloud services “will get a lot better in 2011.” That’s good, because it’s hard to imagine the industry-trailing MobileMe taking a downward turn from where it is in 2010. Read more »


Despite mixed reviews and a version of Android “not optimized” for tablets, Samsung sold 600,000 Galaxy Tabs in its first month, and recently claimed to have sold a million. If Steve Jobs isn’t concerned by those numbers, he should be. Read more »


According to a ChangeWave survey, the iPad is about to surpass the Kindle as the favorite among consumers buying e-readers, and the just-announced Google Editions bookstore may help accelerate that trend. Regardless of the outcome of the Amazon/Google battle, Apple looks to reap the rewards. Read more »


Last quarter was one for the record books for Apple: $20 billion in revenue, 14.1 million iPhones sold, 3.89 million Macs, and 4.19 million iPads, but that record may be broken as soon as the end of this quarter, according to estimates. Read more »


iLife ’11 brings no update for iWeb. Users should rightly wonder what the fate of the app will be. It’s a shame that iWeb is being ignored, because it made web design accessible to all Mac users. But maybe it’s just time for a new model. Read more »


Beginning his presentation by waxing philosophical on the impact of iOS devices on Apple industrial design, Jobs rhetorically asked what would happen if an iPad and a MacBook Air “hooked up?” The result is the new MacBook Air, which comes in two distinct sizes. Read more »


He may or may not have taken off his mock turtleneck, but Steve Jobs did make a special appearance at the fourth quarter 2010 conference call, taking questions but no prisoners, and probably saying a few things that made his subordinates wince. It was indeed wild. Read more »


Both Gartner and IDC report the Mac is now accounting for a tenth of the PC market in the U.S., but these preliminary numbers will likely climb higher still when Apple reports actual Mac sales during its quarterly conference call next week. Read more »


It’s sort of an Apple to oranges type of situation, but a report by analytics firm Flurry nonetheless shows the market potential represented by at least one type of iOS gaming. Social gaming is now arguably as popular as professional football is on any given Sunday. Read more »


The Wall Street Journal is now reporting as fact that Apple “is making a version of its iPhone that Verizon Wireless will sell early next year.” The question then becomes, how much will a Verizon iPhone help Apple in the U.S. smartphone market? Read more »


In a provocative essay, Ryan Block at gdgt asserts Apple is aware that the glass backing of the iPhone 4 is “another design flaw.” The problem seems to be that the glass back is easily scratched in certain circumstances. Even if true, this is hardly “Antennagate.” Read more »


For those refresh monkeys banging away at the Apple Store online shortly after the event on September 1st, your obsession may finally be rewarded. Many early buyers are reporting their Apple TVs are now shipping, with expected arrival dates as early as September 29. Read more »


According to the Taipei newspaper/rumormonger DigiTimes, Quanta Computer “has reportedly landed orders for 11.6-inch MacBooks from Apple. Shipments of 11.6-inch MacBooks are expected to top 400,000-500,000 units in 2010.” I want to believe, too, but there’s no denying that the facts get in the way. Read more »


Steve Jobs promised the second generation Apple TV, announced at the last Apple event, would ship within four weeks. This being the fourth week, it’s not surprising to see reports appearing citing charges to credit cards, which suggests shipments are imminent. But are apps, too? Read more »

The latest edition of Adobe’s amateur image editing software takes a little from Photoshop and a little from iPhoto, but it may not be enough to justify the price. It largely depends on how much you like your Apple-exclusive features. Read more »


No Apple event, including WWDC, has seen the introduction of a new Mac. Even the redesigned Mac mini arrived with no more advance notice than the familiar yellow sticky note when the online Apple Store goes down. Don’t expect that to change this year. Read more »


In conjunction with the iOS 4.2 beta, Apple has issued a press release touting “AirPrint.” The trendily named wireless printing feature for iOS will be included with iOS 4.2. AirPrint will initially work with HP ePrint printers or shared printers on a PC or Mac. Read more »

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