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According to Gartner, mobile phone sales for the first quarter totaled some 428 million devices, with just 23 percent being smartphones. With so much room to grow, there would appear to be room for many competitors, but an expansive market is still a finite one. Read more »

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Black before for the iPad 2 launch

On the eve of Apple retail’s ten-year anniversary, rumors are suggesting big changes inside Apple Stores this weekend. Those changes might include iPad-based payment terminals and interactive displays, dedicated product setup areas, and more changes designed to improve the brick-and-mortar shopping experience. Read more »


For Apple TV owners that also subscribe to MobileMe, Gallery is an underrated feature. MobileMe Gallery and the Apple TV just work for photo and video sharing, at least most of the time. If you’re having trouble with the video part of that equation, try this. Read more »


Tech blog SemiAccurate sped up a slow news Friday with a so-crazy-it-might-be-true rumor that Apple will be switching CPU architecture. Again. Right now, it seems impossible, but given time, could Apple really use in-house designed ARM-based chips to provide the processing power behind Mac computers? Read more »

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Thursday, Apple filed a patent application for “personalized fitness services” on a handheld device, focusing on exercise in a gym setting. Features would include how-to videos for equipment, as well as the ability to check on classes and possibly schedule training sessions. Read more »


Despite building a massive data center and the expected launch of cloud-based music storage, the troubled history of Apple’s online services suggests the company has yet to come up with a plan for the cloud. How can Apple provide the kind of experience its customers expect? Read more »


With Apple announcing earnings next Wednesday, it’s bound to be good news for stockholders. But it’s good time to look at what that means for consumers, too. Could the earnings call provide hints about the future of Apple’s hardware and software plans? Read more »


Despite speculation from reputable sources, 2011 appears to indeed be the year of the iPad 2, not the iPad 2.5, and almost certainly not an iPad 3. But, as Apple has demonstrated in the past, just because something doesn’t add up doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Read more »


While Apple announcing Flash for iOS or a 7-inch iPad might make for humorous copy on April Fools’ Day, truth can be just as entertaining. Here’s a look at some of the more off-the-mark statements made recently about Apple’s ongoing tablet success. Read more »


After selling 90 million iPhones from 2007 through 2010, an important milestone has almost certainly passed, the sale of the 100 millionth iPhone. Expect a self-congratulatory press release next month, but now is the time for the company to think about the next 100 million iPhones. Read more »


The first generation 16 GB Wi-Fi has disappeared from the clearance section of the Apple Store online, and it probably won’t be coming back. Other models could soon follow, meaning discounted prices for new iPads could soon be a thing of the past. Read more »


Apple’s smartphone competitors almost certainly will include NFC in devices in 2011. The iPhone 5 will reportedly pass on the tech according to a report from earlier this week, but a new source says it could get it after all. Which is it? Read more »


Apple has just issued a press release confirming details of the Pad 2 launch for tomorrow. The tablet will be available at all 236 Apple Retail stores in the U.S. at 5:00 PM local time, and Apple’s online store will begin sales at 1:00 AM PT. Read more »


With the iPad 2 launch just days away, it’s a good time to consider which model you want to buy. You should consider your own usage habits, but also when you plan on upgrading next, and what the resale market will look like when you do. Read more »


Apple has not only notified resellers that the company is discontinuing sales of the MobileMe retail box, but it has also stopped selling it through the company’s online store. Current users can still renew their services, but indications are that MobileMe will soon be free. Read more »


Flash Player 10.2 is beta no more, and the general release promises better performance and less CPU usage through Stage Video. Stage Video provides for “a full hardware accelerated video pipeline,” reducing CPU utilization by as much as 85 percent. Read more »

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